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SYFY WIRE Day of the Dead

Exclusive: Day of the Dead's small-town corruption grows messier in Episode 2

Can we trust this mysterious new Day of the Dead player?

By John Albinson
Meet Dr. Logan

Good news, honorary residents of Mawinhaken! The second episode of SYFY’s new original series Day of the Dead is almost here, and we have an eerie new teaser for you before the latest chapter crawls its way to your TV.

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In this ominous clip, we meet the mysterious Doctor Logan, who has made her way to the Cleargenix Energy fracking site to rescue Detective McDermott from the bottom of a hole - and to investigate the “something else” that might also be there. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to come to a drill site today, but when the company has to call the Mayor to get the police to back off - well, it raises some eyebrows,” Logan mercilessly says to the disgruntled foreman, Rhodes.

Viewers will remember that McDermott found a rather, um, hungry undead friend in the hole during last week’s season premiere, which begs the questions: Is Cleargenix causing Mawinhaken’s zombie invasion, and if so, what are its motives? Can we trust Doctor Logan? Actually, can we trust anyone in this town?

This brain-splattering second episode hits SYFY on Friday, Oct. 21 at 10/9c, but if you missed the premiere or want a quick refresh, we have a recap right here. Otherwise, maybe it’s best for us viewers to act like zombies on our couches and just enjoy the chaos unfolding on our screens.



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