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WIRE Buzz: Selma Blair diagnoses A Dark Foe; Good Place S4 drops new trailer; more

By Jacob Oller & Benjamin Bullard
Selma Blair in A Dark Foe

It’s been a good day for stars finding a new calling in horror films. First was Frankie Muniz, now it’s Selma Blair (Hellboy). The actress has been on a second wind recently, with horror comedy Mom and Dad casting her alongside Nicolas Cage, and now her latest, A Dark Foe, has released a new trailer.

According to a release, A Dark Foe is director Maria Gabriela Cardenas’ debut feature, about an FBI agent who’s literally paralyzed when the lights go down. Nyctophobia, the real-life fear whose debilitating effect is documented in the spooky serial killer film, affects the character played by Oscar Cardenas, who gets some much-needed therapy from Blair's Dr. Doris Baxter. The cast also features Ireland Baldwin, Graham Greene, and Bill Bellamy.

Check out the creepy first trailer below:

A DARK FOE | First Look Trailer| Path Of Thorns Entertainment

Seemingly a David Fincher-esque take on the serial killer hunt, with lots of schlock thrown in for good measure, A Dark Foe doesn’t yet have a theatrical release date, but it’ll have a special screening at the Lady Filmmakers Festival on Sept. 27.

The Good Place gang is getting one last chance to get the afterlife right, and judging from the newest clip ahead of NBC’s fourth and final season, Eleanor isn’t exactly off to an auspicious start. 

The just-released Season 4 scene preview finds Eleanor (Kristen Bell) still taking point as Heaven’s switched-out door greeter, while Michael (Ted Danson) watches in the background — but they’re both stumped when the newest resident turns out to be one seriously impossible-to-impress lady from Norway. Did the Bad Place draft her into Shawn's service as one of the revamped Good Place's deviously incompatible anti-soul mates ... or is she just the universe's coolest customer?

An all-knowing baby elephant made of pure light might sound cool to us, but nosir, not to this mysteriously dull Linda character. Presented with the chance to learn the answer to every Earthly mystery for all time, all she wants is a lowly peppermint — and to be left the hell alone. Season 4 of The Good Place returns to NBC with 14 episodes beginning Sept. 26.

Finally, fans who can’t get enough of shows and movies that exist solely to sell toys are sure to be pleased: Micronauts is getting a live-action adaptation from a bigwig of kid cinema. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dean DeBlois (the filmmaker behind the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy) will write and direct a live-action film based on the miniature sci-fi toys.

This long-in-development title would be DeBlois’ live-action debut, tackling a property licensed from a Japanese company, which — through a long and strange journey — got its own Marvel comic at one time. Yes, the Micronauts even wormed their way into the Ant-Man movies (kind of) thanks to the Microverse. Remember the Quantum Realm? Same place. 

Details are scarce for now (and since the film is coming from Paramount, don’t look for an MCU crossover), but the current buzz is that it’s a “family-friendly” story “centering on a group of intergalactic explorers.”

The Micronauts film is set for a June 4, 2021, release.