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Ho! Ho! Ahh! ‘American Horror Stories’ reveals star-studded cast, including Danny Trejo as Santa

By Vanessa Armstrong

FX on Hulu’s upcoming anthology series American Horror Stories is chock full of big-name actors, including Machete star and donut entrepreneur Danny Trejo, who will take on the role he was born to play: Santa.

That early Christmas gift and more arrived today via a teaser video posted on the official American Horror Story social media accounts. The 34-second clip also revealed 20 (that’s right, 20!) other actors set to appear in at least one of the AHS spinoff’s 10 self-contained episodes, including AHS vets Matt Bomer, Billie Lourd, and John Carroll Lynch.

Check it out:

The full list of today's newly announced actors are (big breath...): Matt Bomer (“Michael”), Gavin Creel (“Troy”), Sierra McCormick (“Scarlett”), Ashley Martin Carter (“Rowena”), Paris Jackson (“Maya”), Belissa Escobedo (“Shanti”), Kaia Gerber (“Ruby”), Aaron Tveit (“Adam”), Rhenzy Feliz (“Chad”), Madison Bailey (“Kelley”), Kyle Red Silverstein (“Quinn”), Amy Grabow (“Tipper Gore”), John Carroll Lynch (“Larry Bitterman”), Naomi Grossman (“Rabid Ruth”), Dillon Burnside (“James”), Nico Greetham (“Zinn”), Charles Melton (“Wyatt”), Kevin McHale (“Barry”), Virginia Gardner (“Bernadette”), Billie Lourd (“Liv Whitley”), and Danny Trejo ("Santa").

And according to the post, that's not "even the half of it." So presumably we can expect more casting news soon.

Creator Ryan Murphy announced the development of American Horror Stories in May of last year. The show is an anthology spinoff of Murphy’s signature show, American Horror Story, and shot concurrently with the original series' tenth season. Each of the anthology’s 10 episodes will have its own contained story, an American horror short story collection, if you will. 

We don’t know much about what any of these stories will look like, though FX on Hulu dropped a teaser trailer a couple of weeks ago that featured a Rubber Woman, an apparent female counterpart to the infamous Rubber Man from the first season of AHS.

Given Trejo’s role, it’s possible that one episode may be holiday-themed (or perhaps he just plays some other not-so-jolly guy named Santa). Grabow playing Tipper Gore — presumably a fictionalized version of the wife of politician Al Gore — also suggests that another episode (or maybe the same one…who knows?!) will have a political bent. This is all speculation of course — we’ll have to wait at least a week to start finding out what each twisted, horrifying episode entails.

The first two episodes of the American Horror Stories anthology start streaming July 15 on FX on Hulu.