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Exclusive: Arrow S7 deleted scene reveals why Curtis left Team Arrow

By Andrea Ayres

As we all prepare ourselves emotionally for the epic eighth and final season of Arrow, it's probably best to revisit the wild rollercoaster that was Season 7. Thankfully, we'll have that opportunity on August 20, when the complete seventh season of Arrow comes to Blu-ray and DVD — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look at a scene that never made it to air.

The 22-episode season saw some serious heart-pounding moments. Oliver turned himself over to the FBI, revealing his identity as the Green Arrow to the public. Then Team Arrow had a seemingly never-ending stream of ruthless baddies to deal with, not to mention we got to meet Oliver's half-sister Emiko Queen. Needless to say, it was a lot!

Here's a peek at the box art for the Blu-ray + Digital release:

Arrow S7 BD Box Art

In S7, Oliver's (Stephen Arnell) limits were tested inside Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Can't a man just sit in prison and do his time so he can return to his family? Well, not when you end up in prison with Danny "Brick" Brickwell. Brickwell and a who's who of former baddies have plans to complicate Oliver's intention for early release. The rest of Team Arrow pick up the slack for Oliver as they try to keep crime at bay in Star City. Of course, crime has a way of finding the team, no matter where they are, as we saw in Episode 13.

During the middle of the season, the team is the target of the aptly named "Star City Slayer," who turns out to be Stanley Dover. Dover is not a massive fan of the nickname, but he is a big fan of Oliver. He developed this unhealthy obsession while the pair were in prison together, where he served as Oliver's sorta sidekick.

Stanley escapes during the riot caused by Ricardo Diaz (aka the Dragon). Wanting to prove his loyalty to Oliver, he goes on a killing spree. Thankfully Team Arrow is there to piece together the location of the killer. A break in the case comes when they discover the killer uses a rare paralytic compound. Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) traces the origin of the drug to a house in the Glades.

In this exclusive clip obtained by SYFY WIRE, we see the immediate aftermath of Stanley's attempt on Dinah's life. Curtis is clearly shaken by the experience and informs Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) that he's considering taking up a job offer in Washington D.C. As you can see in the clip, Wild Dog is having a little trouble hearing that news. 

Curtis admits he's been having trouble finding purpose. He doesn't want to be another "cog in the A.R.G.U.S. machine." Curtis departs Team Arrow for D.C., but not before leaving behind the Helix Company to Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). Okay, we won't rehash the entire season right here, we'll leave the rest of the rewatch in your capable hands.

Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on August 20. Both sets contain all 22 episodes, along with the 2018 Comic-Con Panel, a crossover featurette, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. Fans who snag the Blu-ray set will also get three DC Crossover: Elseworlds episodes.

The five-disc DVD set is priced at $39.99, with the four-disc Blu-ray set priced at $44.98. The seventh season will also be available to own on Digital via various digital retailers.

Arrow is based on the characters from DC, Arrow is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Supergirl), Beth Schwartz (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), and Sarah Schechter (The Flash, Black Lightning).

The eighth and final season of Arrow premieres on October 15 on The CW.