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Baby Yoda is already breaking Funko sales records - and it’s not even out yet

By Jacob Oller
Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

The Child, or, the name that the world knows him by, Baby Yoda, has taken over pop culture since the alien's debut in the live-action Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Whether it was a life-sized Baby Yoda toy, one of his soup-sipping memes, or the promise of more Force-wielding merch coming down the pike, fans were smitten with the little green guy. Now, however, the galaxy's cutest bundle of wrinkles is breaking records rather than the internet: Baby Yoda's Funko Pop is the best pre-selling figure the company's ever had.

This comes directly from Funko, which released a video featuring toy designer Reis O’Brien talking about the sheer volume that Baby Yoda has demanded of the figurine company. Maybe even enough for a spin-off, huh, Bob Iger?

Take a look:

"Number one selling figure of all time right now," O’Brien said. "It's bananas." While they were given character specs on a need-to-know basis in order to create the design, the relationship between Star Wars and the toy company is still locked down. "They've got to guard spoilers. They've got to keep secrets," O'Brien said. "As far as story points go, we get nothing." But he teased that sometimes they return to the company with requests for insight — like what kind of personality they might have. Whether or not this influenced Baby Yoda's final design, it's already selling like gangbusters.

It was revealed and became available for pre-order in December, giving it only a few months to become the company's top pre-seller — and it doesn't even get released until May. That means the gap will only increase as the toy continues taking the world by storm. Do you have any idea what character could possibly surpass Baby Yoda's cuteness?

The Mandalorian returns with more Baby Yoda action this October.

UpdateFunko has confirmed with SYFY WIRE that while Baby Yoda is the company's best pre-selling item so far, it can't confirm (despite O'Brien's video claim) that it's the company's best-selling figure...because it's not out yet.