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SYFY WIRE It Chapter Two

WIRE Buzz: Blair Witch game out to get players, It Chapter Two drops reunion clip, more

By Jacob Oller
Blair Witch game key art

Today’s WIRE Buzz features some classic horror — It Chapter Two and Blair Witch — and one very curious new cartoon. (At least the other two, fans know what they’re in for.)

For Blair Witch, at least, fans aren't getting another reboot — this time they're headed to a new platform altogether. A Blair Witch video game from Bloober Team and Lionsgate has been released onto the world, and it hopes to capture all the shaky, quaky, freaky psychological horror of the original Blair Witch Project (maybe not any of its follow-ups, however).

The first-person game, an original story set in the familiar Black Hills Forest back in the spooky mid-’90s, follows an ex-cop and his dog trying to find a missing boy. And of course the launch trailer is as comforting as fans might expect.

Take a look:

With camcorder and other nostalgia-inducing pieces of tech in hand, this journey into madness looks to capture many of the familiar elements of the first found-footage smash hit — but only for genre fans willing to put themselves even more squarely in the protagonist’s shoes.

The $29.99 Blair Witch hits Xbox One and PC today.

As for It Chapter Two, that coming emotional reaction is “pure fear.” At least, that’s what Isaiah Mustafa’s Mike says in the newest clip of the film that’s been released. The grown-up Losers' Club has reunited after 27 years, as Pennywise returns to his murderous ways — and nobody’s happy about it. Even answering the blood pact’s call had a visceral physical reaction among many of the members (played by the likes of James McAvoy, Bill Hader, James Ransone, Andy Bean, Jay Ryan, and Jessica Chastain). One thing’s for sure: Derry isn’t happy they’re back in the clip here.

Director Andy Muschietti has constructed a creepy conversation around this table, as the returning friends describe vomiting or even crashing their cars when they realized they had to return to where It lurked. And it all culminates with Beverly (Chastain) saying the name of Pennywise, which really rattles the guests — and the cookies in front of them.

It Chapter Two rattles fans’ fortune cookies when it hits theaters on Sept. 6.

Finally, a new CGI/live-action superhero show is coming to Cartoon Network from one of the companies behind alien-shifting kid hero Ben 10. According to Deadline, Man of Action Entertainment and ZAG Entertainment linked up with the network for Power Players, a series about a group of “secret toy heroes.” Think The Avengers by way of Toy Story.

Following in the long tradition of making a TV show to help sell toys, Power Players sees a kid named Axel discovering the ability to turn into an action figure named Action Axel. He and the rest of his battling group of merchandise then team up to fight crime, like that perpetrated by evil robot Madcap. Tarik Hamdine and Yohan Parents direct the series, while Man of Action (which created the characters in Big Hero 6) developed the concept into a show.

Power Players debuts on Sept. 21 but will preview its first six episodes starting today, Aug. 30.