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Fast X's Brie Larson Geeked Out Over an Iconic Piece of Fast & Furious Lore

Joining the Fast & Furious franchise was a real dream-come-true moment for Brie Larson.

By Matthew Jackson
Fast X Trailer

The Fast & Furious films have been around so long at this point that some actors who grew up watching them now get the chance to be a part of them. That's the case for Brie Larson, a longtime fan of the franchise who, with Fast X, gets to join up as a major Toretto family ally. And with the Fast film opening wide this weekend, Larson took some time to totally geek out over one of the franchise's most iconic props.

In Fast X, Larson plays Tess, the daughter of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), who steps up to help Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family in their fight against Dante Reyes. Joining the franchise gave Larson a front-row seat to a film series she's long enjoyed as a fan, and gave her at least one moment that literally made her fall out of her seat.

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"My friends and family are truly freaking out over this," Larson said in a new video featurette posted to her official Instagram page. "They finally think I'm cool."

Watch below as Brie Larson discusses becoming part of The Fast Saga:

In the clip, Larson reflected on what it was like shooting Fast X with Diesel and the rest of the crew, and included one key moment during filming that really made her nerd out over where she was and what she was doing. During one particularly weighty conversation across a table from Tess, Dom slips his iconic cross from around his neck and slides it over to her. It's a moment in which the character literally puts his faith in Tess's hands, so it makes sense to hand her the cross. The thing was, Larson didn't know that Diesel was planning to hand her the cross in the scene, and her reaction was a little emotional. 

You can also see what happens when the take ends and Larson is able to react to the moment as herself, a longtime Fast & Furious superfan who couldn't believe her luck. The video also features her reaction to being literally picked up and carried by Vin Diesel.

Fast X opens in theaters everywhere tomorrow, Friday, May 19. Click here to pick up tickets.

Relive a small portion of the Fast Saga with Furious 7 and F9 — now streaming now on Peacock. If you want to catch up on the full story, however, click right here for our nifty guide on where to stream the first nine installments (plus Hobbs & Shaw).