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Chosen One of the Day: Bryce Dallas Howard's deeply relatable Black Mirror character

By Courtney Enlow

It's our girl Bryce Dallas Howard's birthday, and she has given us so very much. Secretly modern 19th-century blind lady realness. Running from dinosaurs in high heels like a calloused, be-bunioned queen. DOING HER OWN STUNTS AS GWEN STACY IN SPIDER-MAN 3 WHILE PREGNANT. Lady in the water in Lady in the Water. That's really all I have to say about that movie. 

But my personal favorite BDH performance is in the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive," wherein humanity is judged via social media and how pleasing they are appearance-wise, how socially comfortable they make people, and any deviation from that societally acceptable pleasantness will have grave consequences. Howard's character Lacie tries SO. HARD. to be what society wants her to be, ensuring she has a good rating. But the need for a higher rating takes its toll and she takes the titular nosedive, falling apart into a snotty, mascara-streaked mess of a swearing nonsense person.

And, girl. Same.

It is the most work to be what society demands us to be and the need to be "pleasing" is f***ing exhausting. That's why I choose 24/sev snotty mascara swear monster. No stars on my rating, no effs to give. 

Happy birthday, Bryce. FIVE STARS FOR YOU, BOO.