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Chosen One of the Day: Jason Mendoza’s final performance on The Good Place

By Preeti Chhibber
Jason Mendoza DJ Music The Good Place

Last night, after four perfect seasons, The Good Place ended and it was, well… perfect. Sure, maybe I have a headache from crying for an hour straight. And yeah, my nose is raw and my eyes are blurry, but you know what? Worth it for Team Dirtbag. 

Spoilers for The Good Place series finale below

The episode opened with our favorite Florida-Man, Jason Mendoza, coming to the realization that it was time for him To Go (and not like Chili’s To Go, but like To Go to go). After that epiphany, what choice did Jason have but to give his fans one last performance as DJ MUSIC of that EDM sound we all hate, and a dance with his old crew: Dance Dance Resolution.

Jason Mendoza The Good Place dance 1

I’d just like to personally thank Mike Schur and the gang for a) Jason Mendoza in general, and b) this performance. Everything about it. The tracksuits. The music. Manny Jacinto m o v i n g. It is a genuinely strong showing from a character who we’re not accustomed to giving us strong showings. 

Jason Mendoza The Good Place dance 2

There’s a lot I’m going to miss about The Good Place, but somewhere at the top will be the vision of Jason’s face, full of joy, making perilously stupid decisions. 

“That was special.” he says, as he collapses into a chair just after the dance. “I’ll never forget this night. ...Until I walk through the door and dissolve into the universe.” 

I don’t care how many Jeremy-Bearimies go by, Jason, I’ll never forget it either.