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Chosen One of the Day: Prince Robot IV from Saga

By Preeti Chhibber
prince robot hero

When news of a mystery man with a television on his head walking around Virginia hit our feeds, we couldn’t help but be reminded of our favorite TV brain with a heart of — well, not quite gold exactly, but some kind of matter proving that he knows how to care: Prince Robot IV of the Robot Planet. 

What do we love most? 

Is it that he gives us glimpses of his deepest self through the screen that it is his head? 

Or maybe that he can turn his arm into a freakin' cannon.

There’s also his truly bangin’ bod. Not to mention that sense of Space-Royalty-But-Make-it-Fashion. 

No, no, it’s the character growth. That’s it. 

Once, he was a terrifying tyrant. Using brutality to get what he needed, and using others for his dirty work. But fatherhood softened the good Prince. Fatherhood and probably also being dads-on-the-Run with the softest dad, Marko. That probably helped. 

Prince Robot and Marko Saga

We’re here for our dad, Prince Robot. Please don’t reboot him. Again.

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