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Chosen One of the Day: Sam Winchester’s bad luck

By Preeti Chhibber
Supernatural Bad Day at Black Rock 1

Since 2005, the Winchester brothers have been in a nigh constant battle against, well, everything. Now, as the show allegedly comes to a close — allegedly because much like the Winchesters going to hell, I’ll believe it’s forever when I see it — let’s take a walk down memory lane. The Supernatural slate of bad guys has been a Stephan-level monologue. We’ve got monsters, demons, God’s sister???, the Devil, leviathans, angels, and one of my favorites, bad luck. 

In the third-season episode “Bad Day at Black Rock” our favorite graveled voice boys accidentally get hold of a cursed rabbit foot. While you have it, you’re the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet, things go your way, you win things, etc. 

When you lose it — well, it’s called a cursed rabbit foot for a reason. Baby Winchester loses the rabbit foot. Hilarity ensues. 

Now, this is Sam before he became JACKED!WINCHESTER was still in his sad puppy phase. Jared Padalecki has got The Eeyore down in this episode. 

Whether he’s spilling everything and running into people: 

Supernatural Bad Day at Black Rock 4

Or falling down: 

Supernatural Bad Day at Black Rock 5

Or falling down some more: 

Supernatural Bad Day at Black Rock 6

Or losing his shoe: 

Supernatural Bad Day at Black Rock 7

Or even just sitting innocently, not doing anything, while an air conditioner across the room catches on fire — you know what, that feels like a metaphor that I am not unwilling to unpack right now. 

Supernatural Bad Day at Black Rock 3

Honestly, in 2020 who amongst us can claim to have not lost a cursed rabbit foot?