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Critics Say Chucky Season 3 Is "Best Yet" For SYFY Horror Hit: "Kills? Brutal. Jokes? Brutal."

The reviews are in, and it sounds like Chucky Season 3 is another must-watch.

By Matthew Jackson

Halloween season is officially here, and we know that because Chucky's back. In just a few hours, everyone's favorite killer doll will resume his rampage across SYFY and USA with the third season of his hit, self-titled series, and this time he's headed to the most famous house in America.

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That's right, after wreaking havoc in Hackensack and then taking on a Catholic school in pursuit of Chucky's heroes, the demented Good Guy is moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for his third season. That means the stakes are getting higher, the carnage is getting crazier, and the opportunities for wild horror/comedy blending have never been better. 

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With the show's premiere looming, it's time for the critics to weigh in, as reviews of the third season have started dropping all over the 'net in anticipation of the tonight's first episode. So, how do things look? According to some big outlets, Chucky Season 3 just might be the craziest and best time for the series so far.

Critics Call Chucky Season 3 the Best One Yet

With Chucky (Brad Dourif) primed to head to the White House to become the best friend of the President's son, let's take a closer look at what critics are saying around the web about the first part of Season 3.

"In only four episodes, Chucky Season 3 cements itself as the show’s best yet, leaving us holding our breath for the back half in 2024," Saloni Gajjar wrote for The AV Club. "It’s unforgivingly savage with its massacres and one-liners, dropping perfect pop-culture references (Twin Peaks, Austin Butler’s Elvis accent, The Amityville Horror, and Outer Banks, to name a few) along the way. It’ll leave you chortling and covering your eyes at the same time, with a not-so-subtle message about today’s political climate. And as far as horror comedies go, what more could you ask for?

"While we're only given four episodes, it's clear that [creator Don] Mancini has more than found his footing in the serialized medium, and Chucky just keeps getting better," BJ Colangelo wrote at Slashfilm. "Kills? Brutal. Jokes? Brutal. Scathing critiques of our current political landscape? BRUUUUTAL. Even still, Chucky has a lot of heart. Jake and Devon are at the quoting Call Me By Your Name lines of their relationship, and Miss Fairchild is doing her damnedest to provide comprehensive sex education to her new kiddos — and I mean comprehensive. We don't get a lot of Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), but I have a hunch we'll see more of her during Part 2. Regardless, Chucky is still one of the best horror shows on TV and he's got my vote for four more years (at least)."

Devon Sawa as President Collins sits in the Oval Office in Chucky 301

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"The tone, at least so far this season, revels in camp. Chucky Season 3 continues the series’ streak of bringing in tongue-in-cheek cameos and meta-camp humor. Mancini and the writers aren’t just content to poke fun at this series’ history but cinema in general," Meagan Navarro wrote at Bloody Disgusting. "Look for Chucky to find delightfully gory new ways to invade other horror franchises, or rather, one horror franchise in particular with an iconic house. Gorehounds will also find plenty to love about Part 1, with the deaths pushing the limits of bloodletting and arterial spray. One extended death continues so long that you can’t help but marvel at how it made the final cut to air on cable."

"Part one of Season 3 ends at the ideal point, having answered some big questions and advancing the story several paces," Cheryl Eddy wrote at io9. "It has all the Chucky touchstones fans require — hideously gruesome kills, foul-mouthed wisecracks — while achieving the delicate balance of making you root for its heroes while also hoping its pint-sized antagonist finds a way to keep racking up his body count."

"For the long-term fans, without spoiling anything, the series does continue to involve familiar faces of the franchise and Chucky is still determined to complete his unfinished business," Jovy Skol wrote at Nightmarish Conjurings. "Chucky Season 3 continues to pile up the body count but also delivers the narrative successfully with fun characters, both old and new."

The cast of Chucky sits under a cover of black umbrellas and watches an American flag shrouded casket at a funeral.

How to watch Chucky Season 3 on SYFY, USA and Peacock

Chucky launches the first four episodes of Season 3 tonight on SYFY and USA, with next-day streaming available on Peacock. Part 2 of the show's third season will arrive sometime in 2024. Stick around for new episodes of SurrealEstate at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.

Chucky Seasons 1 and 2 are available to watch now on Peacock.