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Supernatural final season going on hiatus, but creators promise it will be finished

By Benjamin Bullard
Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki Supernatural

Supernatural fans have known since last week that production on the show’s 15th and final season is hitting the pause button, as The CW exercises distancing precautions over the coronavirus pandemic. With this week’s episode, though, viewers will begin to feel the effects of that late-season pause as well.

Andrew Dabb, co-showrunner and one of the long-running series’ executive producers, shared with Twitter fans that “Destiny’s Child,” the season’s 13th episode set to air tonight (March 23), will be the last one viewers see — at least for a while. But, he vowed, there’s not a shred of doubt that production will eventually resume to finish out one of the most successful and fan-pleasing TV shows of the past 20 years.

Jokingly quoting a Cindy Lauper song to tease Monday's episode, Dabb promised that getting the 18-episode season’s final five installments out is only a matter of “when,” not “if.”

Pledging that “we’ll see you on the other side” of all the pandemic-related precaution, Dabb said the next five episodes’ footage has already been shot, but that “our visual effects and sound departments have closed because of the outbreak. So, right now, the episodes can't be finished.”

But, he quickly added, “yes, we, the CW, and Warner Bros fully intend to return and finish the series.  It's not a matter of ‘if', it's a matter of ‘when.’” To keep fans engaged, as well as to help lighten the mood as people self-isolate, Dabb also teased “some special treats coming along the way — to help us all get through this.”

Just what those might be are anyone’s guess, but we’re betting that whatever it is, it’ll get plenty of online buzz as Dabb and the rest of the Supernatural team reveal more. Understandably, The CW hasn’t put a timeline on when production will resume, nor when we can expect the last five episodes to air, but thanks to Dabb’s reassurance, fans at least know that it won’t take a miracle to see how Sam and Dean Winchester’s story wraps up.

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