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Apparently Dany’s rogue Game of Thrones coffee cup ended up with Conan O’Brien

By Matthew Jackson
Liam Cunningham Conan screenshot

The days after the release of a Game of Thrones episode are always filled with analysis, speculation, and debate, but this week the discussion feels particularly bizarre. We're not just contending with a war for the fate of Westeros or the loss of a fan-favorite character this time around. We're also contending with a coffee cup. 

Yes, the whole internet delighted Sunday night and Monday morning in pointing out that, somehow, the show's crew had let a stray takeout coffee cup — complete with lid and sleeve — sit in the middle of a key scene in Winterfell's great hall during "The Last of the Starks." The goof generated no shortage of memes and social media jokes, and even HBO got in on the fun by joking it was a mistake because Daenerys Targaryen had ordered "herbal tea." The laughs didn't end there, though. 

Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth on the series, stopped by Conan on Tuesday, and in true Davos fashion (he is a smuggler, after all) he managed to sneak host Conan O'Brien a very special prop: The now-legendary coffee cup. 

"That was tricky to get," Cunningham said as O'Brien laughed.

OK, so it wasn't really the actual coffee cup, but the joke did allow O'Brien to ask Cunningham how something so silly could wind up onscreen in one of the most detail-oriented shows on television, and Cunningham had a fairly simple answer. 

“Eh, it wasn’t that pivotal, the scene. The cup was a bit more pivotal than the scene," he joked. "These things happen. It’s a big job, people run in, and [Emilia Clarke] probably drinks too much coffee.”

Speaking of props, actual props, taken from the set, O'Brien went on to ask Cunningham if it was true that he's taken more things from Game of Thrones than any other castmember. Cunningham said he actually "liberated" the items, but confirmed that he has enough stuff to form what his daughter calls a "wall of awesome," including a dothraki sword, the bag containing his severed finger bones Davos used to wear around his neck, prop money, and both the regular and burnt carved stag props that Davos gave to Shireen Baratheon. 

Cunningham also teased that he has "various other stuff." Maybe one day he'll reveal the whole wall of awesome, after the dust has settled in Westeros.

Game of Thrones returns for its penultimate episode Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.