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Exclusive: David Hasselhoff reads, writes, stars in Cold War alt-history 'Up Against the Wall' for Audible

By Jacob Oller
Up Against the Wall cover

Guardians of the Galaxy alum and German pop legend David Hasselhoff has a new project in the works, and it’s about a subject he knows better than anyone else alive: himself.

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill story about the actor/musician. Up Against the Wall is a spy thriller and an alt-history thriller documenting how David Hasselhoff and a CIA agent — who looks enough like him for a case of mistaken identity — saved Berlin when the wall fell.

Yes, really.

And did we mention it’s an Audible Original Production written and performed by Hasselhoff himself? And did we also mention that we have an exclusive clip to prepare your ears for this incredible audio journey? Listen to this and embrace the sheer wonder of the Hoff-filled fiction:

That was from page 6 of the audiobook, which comes out on Feb. 21. The “Nick” in question from the clip is CIA Agent Nick Harper (remember, the one that looks just like Hasselhoff) who has to “stand in for his famous doppelgänger while the real Hasselhoff must rely on his acting chops and Knight Rider training to save Berlin...and potentially the world,” according to the official description.

This is all in order to stop a nuclear bomb threat against Berlin by “a rogue Stasi colonel” in the name of freedom. Who can’t get behind that? Up Against the Wall will be available for fans' listening pleasure tomorrow.

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