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SYFY WIRE Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Cyborg and the Chief connect in exclusive deleted scene

By Brian Silliman
Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder (Doom Patrol)

For all of its moments of utter lunacy, the first season of the superb Doom Patrol had plenty more to offer. Yes, it definitely delivered on the weirdness front, but the DC Universe original series also had a melancholic streak of humanity that bound all of its characters together.

It was this streak of lonely humanity that brought Cyborg (Joivan Wade) onto the show. He was looking to reconnect with his old friend Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton), and he stayed around to help the team after Niles was abducted by Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk). 

In a deleted scene from the episode "Donkey Patrol," we see Cyborg at the grave of his mother, getting some further wisdom from Niles. 

Take a look at our exclusive first look at the scene right here: 

Indeed, by the end of this little snippet, Cyborg is ready to be the best Cyborg he can be. It's a good thing that he's made that choice, because the team desperately (seriously) needed him. Also, there's no such thing as having too much Timothy Dalton — especially in this role. 

The scene will be included when the insanely grand first season of Doom Patrol hits home video on Oct. 1. "Therapy!"