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SYFY WIRE Doom Patrol

Extended trailer for Doom Patrol reveals the team's origin stories

By Matthew Jackson
Doom Patrol team

Doom Patrol's debut is just one day away, and to celebrate its impending arrival, DC Universe just hit us with a four-minute extended trailer that shows off how the entire team comes together. 

The second DC Universe live-action series has already drawn critical praise for its ensemble cast (particularly Brendan Fraser as Robotman), its strangeness, and its sense of humor, and the footage we've seen so far all showed off a personality that makes it a very different show from Titans, the DC Universe launch series. Now, we get to see even more of that personality emerge as the new trailer shows us exactly how each member of the titular group of strange superheroes got to where they are. 

We see Robotman's past life as a racecar driver, Negative Man's (Matt Bomer) conflicted existence as a closeted test pilot, Elasti-Woman's (April Bowlby) past as a '50s movie star with a cruel streak, Crazy Jane's (Diane Guerrero) conversion into someone with dozens of personalities, and Cyborg's (Joivan Wade) turbulent past and how he views his own heroics. 

All of it ties back to The Chief (Timothy Dalton), who's taken in each member of the team and is helping them to recover and live something like a fulfilling life. That all changes when Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk with some extremely creepy visual effects) re-emerges and promises to destroy everything Chief holds dear. With the man who saved them and the fate of the world on the line, it's up to the team to stop him. 

The trailer is a wonderful blend of tragedy, action, and comedy, as we see each member of the group trying to cope with their conditions, and bonding over their respective pain. It's enough footage to give each of them a bit of a showcase, and it's only got us more excited to see the whole story play out. 

Doom Patrol premieres Friday on DC Universe, with new episodes streaming every subsequent Friday.