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Dan Stevens soars in exclusive DUST: Flight 008 podcast trailer/clip

By Jacob Oller
Flight 008 dust

After SYFY WIRE exclusively debuted its first season's trailer, the top-rated DUST podcast is coming back with a new anthology premise and plenty of stories to tell. Whereas DUST Horizons brought new and classic radio dramas to life, season two — Flight 008 — has a common thread linking its sci-fi stories. All 11 stories focus on the fallout from a single non-stop flight from Tokyo to San Francisco that doesn't just cross the Pacific, but crosses through a particularly patchy piece of spacetime... and comes out in the year 2040.

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive trailer for Flight 008, a second season that features the vocal talents of Dan Stevens (The Guest), Calista Flockheart (Supergirl), Danny Trejo (From Dusk till Dawn), Reid Scott (Venom 2), Keith David (Halo, Mass Effect, They Live), and Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2).

Check it out:

"What if you opened your eyes and found yourself in the future?" the voiceover asks. A lot can change in 20 years. "The future has arrived," indeed for this series based on XPRIZE's Seat 14C.

The new season features 11 different sci-fi authors for these 11 stories: Daniel H. Wilson (The Andromeda Evolution), James L. Cambias (Arkad's World), Charles Yu (How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe), Stanley Chan (The Waste Tide), Kathleen Ann Googan (Queen City Jazz), William Shunn (Inclination), Nancy Kress (Probability Space), Kevin J. Anderson (The Dark Between the Stars), Sheila Finch (Villa Far From Rome), Justina Robson (The Switch), and Aidan J.S. Menuge (Dido’s Lament).

But that's not all. SYFY WIRE also has an exclusive clip from Wilson's upcoming episodes, featuring Dan Stevens' silky smooth voice dealing with his character's one-track mind in the wake of his 20-year flight.

Take a listen:

That's from “Seat 14F – Iterations,” which sees one of its flight's passenger, Malcolm (Stevens), coming home to find his life changed in unexpected ways... which one might imagine after two decades away. The episode co-stars Calista Flockhart.

Flight 008, and all the weirdness its time travel results in, takes off Mar. 25. Fans can find out more at the podcast's official site.