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Exclusive: Amy Chu and Edu Menna rock out for Dynamite's KISS: The End miniseries

By Jeff Spry

Whether you rock 'n' roll all night and party every day, or just occasionally indulge, there's certainly no denying that the final farewell tour for KISS currently criss-crossing the country will be leaving fans fully satiated with their kabuki brand of glamour rock and stage-show pyrotechnics, now entering its fifth decade.

To accompany KISS's epic End of the Road event, Dynamite Comics is adding to its set list of killer KISS comics with a new miniseries from KISS comic veteran Amy Chu (Green Hornet, Red Sonja) and artist Edu Menna (Twilight Zone, Z Nation), and SYFY WIRE is blasting out an exclusive preview for this rowdy April release.

KISS Cover A

The miniseries' plot poses vital questions on the very nature of life, heaven, and hell and what exists beyond the mortal realm. A young man discovers himself on a troubling path when he encounters the incarnation of Death itself and embarks on an underworld odyssey to locate his wandering demon offspring with the Starchild, the Demon, the Spaceman, and the Catman as his spirit guides.

"I love, love, love working on the KISS books, because I get to really be experimental with storyline," Chu tells SYFY WIRE. "So far no one has told me, hey, you can't do that! It's terrific. It's going to be a very different book from the previous ones. The End feels very momentous, so I'm putting in a ton of KISS history and period trivia in here, and I've been trying to incorporate some of the props from the actual show, like the flaming sword used during 'God of Thunder.'"

KISS Slice 1

"It's great working with Edu for the first time," she adds. "He approaches each page and panel so seriously, I think he wants to knock the ball out of the park for every page.  And Jorge Sutil's colors are just coming in, and they are really stunning. I think we all know KISS fans want to see something special for this story."

For the debut issue hitting comic shops on April 10, fans will feast on covers by Stuart Sayger (Vampirella vs. Reanimator), Jorge Fornés (Batman, Magnus), Denis Medri (Red Hood/Arsenal), and a wicked variant featuring a vintage KISS photo.

KISS Slice 3

Join the KISS Army and power into our exclusive preview in the full gallery below, including covers for the first two issues and five interior pages from the premiere release, then tell us your favorite classic KISS album in the comments!