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Exclusive: ‘Parallel’ puts a Twilight Zone twist on hidden dimensions in first trailer for sci-fi film

By Benjamin Bullard
A scene from science fiction movie Parallel

A forgotten attic and a strange mirror that warps you to a place where time is yours to bend: that’s only the start of the double-edged discovery that four friends stumble upon in Parallel, Vertical Entertainment’s trippy new sci-fi movie that feels like a mind-melting cross between The Twilight Zone and a (much) darker version of Narnia.

However long you’re gone in the other dimension, those left behind on this side hardly perceive how much time’s passed once you’ve entered the portal into the multiverse. It’s a place that looks a whole lot like our world…at least at first. But what begins as an exciting way for this quartet of 20-somethings to manipulate time and live out their fantasies ends up turning dangerous, yielding creepy consequences that send sinister ripples through their “real” lives.

Check out our exclusive look at the first trailer, plus the movie’s theatrical poster below:

Parallel Movie Poster

Extra-dimensional reality hits like a ton of metaphysical bricks as the group moves through the range of emotions that come with discovering such a time-hacking secret. From amazement and wonder to gleeful exploitation of their newfound power (which serves as a sort of cheat sheet to get ahead here on this side of the glass), things eventually progress, alas, to panic and fear.

If only these guys had paid more attention to the way things always seem to turn out in those classically teachable episodes of The Twilight Zone. The film comes from director Isaac Ezban (who wrote and directed the 2014 Mexican science fiction thriller The Incident), and features a cast that includes Martin Wallström (Mr. Robot), Aml Ameen (I May Destroy You), Georgia King (Devs), and Mark O’Brien (Ready or Not).

We can’t speed up time to make Parallel’s release date get here sooner, but thankfully the real-world wait won’t be long. Written by Scott Blaszak and produced by Garrick Dion (Villains) and Matthias Mellinghaus (Shadowplay), Parallel warps us to another dimension on demand beginning Dec. 11.