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Exclusive: Aliens, Will Smith and more in Titan Books' Men In Black Movies Visual Companion

By Jeff Spry

From its humble beginning as a 1990 indie comic written by Lowell Cunningham and illustrated by Sandy Carruthers to the first blockbuster film adaptation starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in 1997, and now the latest Men In Black International opening in theaters today, the Men In Black franchise has delivered a galaxy of eye-popping special effects and creature design to please sci-fi fans of all persuasions.

To celebrate the arrival and landing of director F. Gary Gray's new Euro-flavored sequel spotlighting the talents of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, London-based Titan Books is releasing a sumptuous new MIB coffee table book stuffed with geeky goodness on Tuesday, June 18 — and SYFY WIRE has an advance look inside, along with comments from one of its enthusiastic authors.

MIB Cover

Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion is written by Lisa Fitzpatrick and Sharon Gosling with a distinctive feel and flair encompassing all four Hollywood films, and is brimming with insightful commentary on its wealth of rare behind-the-scenes stills, never-seen production sketches, and imaginative concept art.

This expansive, 208-page media tie-in reveals the myriad intergalactic secrets behind the black suit society and also contains storyboards, costume designs, makeup tests, and exclusive commentary from key members of the stellar casts and dedicated crews.


Co-author Lisa Fitzpatrick reflected on how Men in Black International differs from the prime MIB trilogy and what new elements give it a foreign distinction.

"In looking at the new film 'from afar,' so to speak, I love that it pulled the best elements from the old world forward," she tells SYFY WIRE. "The 'buddy cop' narrative, the fantastical set among the mundane, the suits, the sunglasses, the wild and colorful-looking aliens, the understated comedy, and did NOT try to replicate all the unique shooting methods and style of comedy that Barry Sonnenfeld so successfully invented for the first film and carried through in the second and third.

"They also left Will and Tommy’s characters in the world, and in so doing did not try to mimic their dynamic, but instead created two completely fresh, unique characters with their own new origin story."

MIB Book Slice

Considering which monster, alien, or creature was her favorite of the entire series, Fitzpatrick has a surprising pick.

"Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin!" she reveals. "He brought so much to that character, and now knowing how much director Barry Sonnenfeld and he worked together to achieve that specific tone — a mix of humor, tension, wonder, and suspense all at once ... made it kind of magical."

Now check out our exclusive preview of this comprehensive new MIB companion release in the full gallery below, then tell us if you're primed to be blasted back into the black suits' world.

All images taken from Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion to the Films by Lisa Fitzpatrick and Sharon Gosling, published by Titan Books.

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