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Exclusive first listen: Check out 3 tracks from the Happy! Season 2 soundtrack

By James Comtois
Christopher Meloni in Happy!

Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face! Just in time for the second season of Happy! — SYFY’s utterly insane action/fantasy series based on the comic book by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson — we’ve got three tracks from original composer Guillaume Roussel’s Season 2 soundtrack. Should be just the thing to put you in a Happy! mood. 

Last we saw Christopher Meloni’s disgraced detective turned freelance hitman Nick Sax, he had saved his estranged and kidnapped daughter Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) from Very Bad Santa with the help of an invisible blue unicorn pal named Happy (voiced by Oswalt). For Season 2, Sax is trying to get his act together for Hailey's sake, which means, in Happy’s words, “no more drinking, no more whoring, no more filling chumps full of hot lead.” 

But if you think he’s going to keep all of those New Year’s resolutions, you haven’t been paying attention. Plus, the child-kidnapper Sunny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald) from last season is looking to “Make Easter Great Again” (seriously), so it’s not like we can expect Sax to do nothing. 

One track may even include the crooning talents of the eponymous Happy, aka Patton Oswalt. Take a listen

If the trailer is any indication, the second season of Happy! should be as amped up and over-the-top as its first. At least, we sure hope so!  

Happy! returns to SYFY Mar. 27, so put on a happy face!