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WIRE Buzz: Falcon and Winter Soldier delayed; Netflix's Transformers go Beast Wars; Mondo SDCC

By Jacob Oller
falcon and winter soldier

Though maintaining its optimistic debut date throughout the pandemic, it seems like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the first live-action Marvel Disney+ show, won’t be debuting on time. Production delays have permeated the industry as safety measures regarding the coronavirus pandemic have reduced projects’ abilities to shoot — so it’s no surprise that two of Captain America’s greatest allies fell victim.

TVLine reports that on a newly released Disney+ August premiere slate, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is as absent as half the population after a Thanos snap. Looks like it’ll be a bit before Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) will team up for adventures.

This news follows a production delay in Prague where location shoots were curtailed this spring. Its Atlanta filming had gone off without a hitch earlier in the year, but with the MCU stars abroad at the beginning of the lockdown, things got strict fast.

The Disney+ show — which aims to pave the way for a bevy of new Marvel content like Loki and WandaVision — also stars Daniel Brühl (reprising his role as villain Baron Zemo) , Noah Mills, and Carl Lumbly.

No new release date for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has yet been announced.

Next, those following along with Netflix’s cool-looking Transformers anime should pay close attention to the streamer’s latest transformational announcement. Not only has the company released the name of the Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy’s finale (following Siege and Earthrise), it’s teased out a fan-favorite segment of Transformers lore.

Posting on Twitter, Netflix showed off a small video confirming that the final part of the War for Cybertron series would be called Kingdom and that, thanks to some emojis and phrasing, fans might be seeing the return of Beast Wars.

Check it out:

“Get ready to go ape and get your claws out for KINGDOM!” the announcement writes, including a gorilla and dinosaur emoji. Are the animalistic elements of the Maximals and Predacons coming back to TV?

This series, retelling the origin story of the Autobots and the Decepticons as they battle it out for the Allspark, is already capitalizing on nostalgia, so it might as well dive into the realm explored by the 50+ episode ‘90s show.

Featuring Jake Foushee as Optimus Prime, Jason Marnocha as Megatron—as well as Linsay Rousseau, Joe Zieja, Edward Bosco, and Sophia Isabella—Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy starts off with its first section, Siege, on July 30.

Finally, San Diego Comic-Con at Home is finishing off its schedule with a bang, featuring one of the most recognizable faces in fan collectibles.

According to a release, Mondo — they of the limited-edition posters and specialty figures — will be bringing a handful of panels to the socially distanced convention.

Featuring artist panel discussions — with those like Daniel Danger, Sara Deck, Jack Hughes, Justin & Paige Erickson, Rory Kurtz and Truck Torrence in attendance — as well as talks with toy honchos Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce, soundtrack experts, and Kaiju book pros, Mondo’s panel lineup should be catnip to those whose con experiences are mostly spent in line waiting for that juicy, juicy merch.

“2020 is hard, and although we can’t all be in San Diego this July getting lost in the pop culture maelstrom that is Comic Con, that doesn’t mean we can’t come together to bring a little madness into your living room, right?” said Mondo senior creative director Eric Garza. “This year we’re excited to celebrate one of our favorite weeks of the year from the comfort of your own couch. No lines. No achy feet. No con crud.”

Comic Con at Home runs from July 23-26, accessible from anywhere.