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Every Celebrity Cameo & Surprise Returning Character in Fast X

We expected some of these stars onscreen, but a few of these Fast X cameos took us by surprise.

By Caitlin Busch
Fast X Trailer

As the Fast & Furious franchise grows, so does its cast. Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) found family ranges from street racers to international super spies, with the common thread being how badass every single one of them is. Fast X, the first of the series' (supposed) two-part finale, is no different, and actually dips into the series' 22-year history to reintroduce beloved classic characters and create new connections.

And that means cameos. Quite a few cameos, in fact! But who has a cameo in Fast X? That's a hot ticket, a fast car ... you get the picture.

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Outside the core "family" — Dom, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Jakob (John Cena), Little Brian (Leo Abelo Perry), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Han (Sung Kang), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) — we get some familiar players whose roles we can't truly call a "cameo" because they're so vital to the plot. That includes Charlize Theron's return as Cipher, the introduction of Tess (Brie Larson) and Aimes (Alan Ritchson), and even Scott Eastwood's brief return as Little Nobody (his death's repercussions for the Agency can't be overstated).

Here are all the celebrity cameos (and returning characters) we see in Fast X.

Rita Moreno as Abuelita Toretto

(from left) Dom (Vin Diesel) and Abuelita (Rita Moreno) in Fast X (2023)

Rita Moreno's casting as the Toretto family matriarch — Dom, Jakob, and Mia's Abuelita — was big news when it first broke. Why wouldn't it be? This onscreen living legend (and, let's be honest, America's honorary grandmother) didn't get much screen time, but she shone brightly at the head of the Toretto family table at the beginning of the film. It was her words that reminded them once again that family is the most important thing, and to never give up on the ones you love.

Helen Mirren as Magdalene "Queenie" Shaw

(from left) Queen (Helen Mirren) and Dom (Vin Diesel) in Fast X (2023)

If Abuelita was the one to bring the family together, Queenie was the one to remind Dom of the dangers that lie ahead.

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First introduced in The Fate of the Furious (2017), Queenie is the definition of class and white collar crime. As a mother of three (two of whom are alive), Queenie's first instinct is to help Dom when he comes calling; she looks after him like he's her own. And while her role in Fast X is brief, we hope to see more of her down the line, since we know she's of particular interest to the Agency ...

Luis da Silva as Diogo

Actor Luis Da Silva

When Dom's crew needs fast cars to outpace some security cameras in Fast Five (2011), they know where to find them. That's how Dom and Brian (Paul Walker) end up racing against Diogo — a professional street racer in Rio de Janeiro — and winning his blue Porsche 996 GT3 RS. Later in the film, he also helps defend them against Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) when he comes calling.

Diogo returns briefly in Fast X to join Dom and villain Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) in a race that turns out deadly for him when Dom chooses to save his late wife's sister, Isabel (Daniela Melchior), over his buddy.

Debby Ryan & Josh Dun as ... Themselves?

(L-R) Debby Ryan and Josh Dun

This cameo wins for most "wtf," random of the bunch. We've got nothing else to add. If you're a fan of either of their work — Ryan's acting or Dun's music as one half of the musical duo Twenty One Pilots — then you were probably pleasantly surprised by their brief interaction with our heroes!

Pete Davidson as Bowie

Pete Davidson

Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson is everywhere lately — and that includes Fast X. In the movie, he plays newcomer Bowie, an old contact of Ramsey's. She, Roman, Tej, and Han hit him up in the hopes that he can get them a deal on some black market weapons and transportation when they find themselves stranded in London.

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But while Bowie's full-up on "magic" muffins, he's lacking in loyalty. He burns our heroes by reporting them to the authorities in order to collect the cash reward, so we can't see him returning any time soon.

Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw

Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson in Fast X (2023)

We couldn't have been the only ones hoping Shaw would stick around longer in the movie than he did, but we can forgive him for leaving to hunt down the folks out to get his mom, Queenie. At the very least, this short but satisfying cameo finally gave us the Han/Shaw grudge match we've been waiting for. Shaw can throw down with the best of them, and if he was able to provide our stranded foursome with the weapons and transportation Bowie failed to deliver on, all the better!

Gal Gadot as Gisele Yashar

Gal Gadot

Talk about a surprise cameo. She's supposed to be dead! Yeah ... weird.

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Last we saw of Gisele, she was sacrificing herself to save her one true love, Han, and keep their mission afloat in Fast & Furious 6. Her brief but shocking return in Fast X seems to align her with Cipher; she breaks through the Antarctic ice with a (new?) submarine to rescue Cipher and Letty from the Agency prison after their escape. She promises it's all part of some bigger plan ... and we'll have to wait to find out more.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Luke Hobbs

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

The Rock returns to the Fast & Furious franchise once again as Agent Luke Hobbs in the film's one credit sequence. In the short scene, we see Hobbs leading what appears to be a special opps team through a derelict palace (maybe the palace he and Shaw meet contractor Margarita at in their spin-off movie?) only to find a message from Dante waiting for him. If Hobbs' face is anything to go off of, Dante better prepare to smell what the Rock is cooking in the eleventh entry in the franchise. No one messes with family.

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