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Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Teases Cameo Role in Fast X

It’s a way to “honor my father’s legacy,” Meadow Walker shares on social media.

By Benjamin Bullard
Fast X Trailer

Beyond all the Fast Saga’s high-revving action and 007-flavored villains, there’s actually a lot of heart baked deep beneath the shiny surface that gives the franchise its blockbuster sheen. After all, if one word sums up Dom Toretto’s speed-demon ethos going all the way back to the original The Fast and the Furious, it’s “family” — and with Fast X charging hard toward its May 19 date with theaters, that’s about to take on an especially poignant meaning for longtime Fast Saga fans.

Surprising her online followers with a candidly heartfelt post, Meadow Walker — the 24-year-old daughter of the late Paul Walker, who starred alongside Vin Diesel in five Fast Saga movies until his untimely passing a decade ago — alerted fans that she’s set to appear in a cameo role in Fast X. Describing her upcoming on-screen turn as a way “to honor my father’s legacy,” Walker said director Louis Leterrier and producer Brandon Birtell had warmly welcomed her into the extended Fast family — a close-knit creative ensemble buoyed by the memory of her famous father.

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Walker wrote that the Instagram image, which appears to show her walking the aisle of a passenger plane, is taken from her cameo in Fast X. While we’ll have to wait for the movie’s arrival next weekend to grasp the specifics, the cameo is all about paying tribute to one of the series’ beloved founding stars by honoring the elder Walker, as the Fast Saga approaches its closing act, with an on-screen nod that spans family generations.

Check out Meadow Walker's touching post about her cameo in Fast X:

“The first Fast was released when I was one year old!” wrote Walker. “I grew up on set watching my father, Vin, Jordana [Brewster], Michelle [Rodriguez], Chris [“Ludacris” Bridges] and more on the monitors. Thanks to my dad, I was born into the Fast family. I can’t believe now I get to be up there too. With those who have been around to see me grow up.”

No, we’re not tearing up; we’ve just got a little pavement-shredding burnout smoke in our eyes. Walker pressed on with her emotional trip down Fast Saga memory lane, bringing things full circle by showering the current Fast X creative team with the same genuinely wholesome vibes.

“Thank you @louisleterrierpro for your kindness, patience and support,” she wrote. “It feels like you’ve been part of the family since we started, I’m happy it’s just the beginning. Special shoutout to my dad’s best friend who is now my best friend @bbirtell, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. I am so blessed to be able to honor my father’s legacy and share this with him forever… I love you all so much.”

Paul Walker & Vin Diesel: The Fast Saga’s Founding Fathers

Alongside Diesel (Dominic Toretto), Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner) helped birth a box office phenomenon with the 2001 debut of The Fast and the Furious, immediately becoming synonymous with the franchise as the two actors went on to appear together in four more Fast Saga films before Walker’s 2013 death, at age 40, in a car accident.

In keeping with the franchise’s family-first code, subsequent installments in the series have continued to acknowledge Walker’s cop-turned-ex-con character in ways both subtle and overt — from Dom naming his son Brian Marcos in honor of his absent friend, to the closing moments of 2021’s F9… when Brian’s car unexpectedly pulls up in the driveway at Toretto’s home.

That last bit serves as an especially intriguing development, since it’s the most recent Fast Saga movie memory fans will carry into theaters as they strap in for the hugely hyped premiere of Fast X. At least the wait’s nearly over; Fast X is set to hit the gas at long last on May 19, when the family — Walker included — pays a blockbuster visit to movie screens nationwide.

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