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Fast X Star Sung Kang Explains That Hairy Continuity Error

It didn't take a superfan of the Fast & Furious franchise to notice a small error in the latest movie, but Sung Kang has an explanation.

By Tyler McCarthy
Fast X Trailer

Fast X's Han, actor Sung Kang, addressed some criticism from fans the way only a Fast franchise actor knows how: head-on. 

It makes sense, given how dedicated the franchise’s fanbase is for Kang to address an obvious continuity error that took place in Fast X related to Han’s reunion with his would-be murderer, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). Many who went to see the tenth installment in the Toretto family’s saga saw that Han’s hair clearly changed from when the scene was teased in F9.

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What was the continuity error in Fast X

Han’s reunion with Shaw was teased in a post-credits scene at the conclusion of F9 (now streaming on Peacock!) in 2021. In that movie, his character’s fake death in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was explained and he returned looking a little different. His glorious long hair had been trimmed into an equally glorious short look. However, when the rest of his confrontation with Shaw took place in Fast X, Han was back to sporting his long locks. As a result, the two scenes do not match, which is not the kind of thing fans of this franchise won’t notice. So, why did they forge ahead anyway? 

What did Sung Kang say about Fast X's continuity error? 

Speaking to Insider, the actor and host of NBC's new show Hot Wheels™: Ultimate Challenge (airing Tuesdays at 10 ET) explained that, although he knew fans would be put off by the continuity error, he felt it was more important to give them what they wanted in another regard. 

"The reason I wanted Han's hair to be short was that he's in hiding," Kang revealed. "So if he's walking around looking like Han it doesn't really make any sense to the character. You cut his hair, he kind of blends in."

Kang went on to explain that, at the time, he wasn’t aware that the reunion with Shaw would take place years after the events of F9. So, when it came time to reshoot the scene for Fast X, he was asked to cut his hair, which was an obvious no-go. He felt, with Han fully back in the family fold for the first time since Fast & Furious, he wanted to depict him returned to his normal, iconic look. 

"I realized that there are a few things that people need from Han. They want snacks, they want cool cars, and they want his hair," Kang said. "The hair is almost like a superpower he has... It's synonymous to what defines Han."

Does the Fast X continuity error change anything? 

Come on, folks. This is a franchise where people basically make cars fly and even took one to outer space. Han having long hair in a scene where he was supposed to have short hair shouldn’t even cause tension on the suspension bridge of disbelief. In his interview, Kang noted that they attempted to pull his hair back to the sides for the reshot scene in an effort to make it look as close to the end credits tag of F9 as possible, meaning they at least tried to have their cake and eat it too when it came to Han’s signature long hair. If that’s not an effort that can be rewarded by looking the other way at the difference between the two scenes, we don’t know what is. 

Catch Fast X in theaters now; get tickets here. Get up to speed on Han's hair before you go with Fast & Furious 9, now streaming on Peacock