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The Flash movie finds Barry Allen's mom...just in time to lose his dad

By Justin Carter
Marbiel Verdu The Flash header

The long-delayed Flash movie is finally gaining some steam ahead of its upcoming production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spanish actor Maribel Verdul (Pan's Labyrinth, Y Tu Mama Tambien) will play Nora Allen, the mother of Ezra Miller's Barry Allen.

In the comics, Nora's death serves as the catalyst for Barry's entire heroic life, including the speedster's eventual decision to undo that traumatic moment. The only detail known about the film at the moment is that his attempt to undo his mother's death will see him travel to alternate dimensions, potentially with a Bat-friend or two

Verdu's casting follows a recent string of announcements for the Flash flick. Recently, we learned Kiersey Clemons would be in the film to play love interest Iris West, after having been cast in 2017's Justice League for a cameo and later cut out. (She's since been confirmed to return in the upcoming Zack Snyder''s Justice League.) Last month, Warner Bros. also announced that Sasha Calle would be on hand as Supergirl, bringing the Girl of Steel to theaters for the first time since the 1984 film. 

Billy Crudup

Unfortunately for Barry, there's a catch to all this. Billy Crudup, who portrayed Henry Allen in Justice League, won't be returning to the role when production begins this spring. Per THR, Crudup had to drop out due to shooting the second season of The Morning Show for Apple. Conflicting schedules are becoming common for several productions due to pandemic regulations, and Crudup was previously reported to be returning as Henry back in October 2020. 

The Flash is expected to release in theaters on Nov. 4, 2022. If you need your fix of the Scarlet Speedster before then, you can look forward to Zack Snyder's Justice League releasing in all its four-hour glory on HBO Max next week.