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SYFY WIRE Godzilla vs. Kong

New Godzilla vs. Kong trailer shows the 'two alpha titans' going at it by land and by sea

By Vanessa Armstrong
Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong is smashing into theaters (and into your living room via HBO Max) on March 31, and today we’ve got another trailer to get us amped up for it.

The one-minute clip gives us more of the two giants going at it, including some impressive new shots from the movie we haven’t seen yet.

Check it out here:

“We need Kong,” Alexander Skarsgård's Dr. Nathan Lind laments at the top of the clip, and we couldn’t agree more! We start the teaser trailer with the ginormous gorilla being airlifted out by a phalanx of helicopters in order to make it for his date of destruction with Godzilla.

We then get to the good stuff — Kong and Godzilla just smashing the heck out of each other and leaving nothing on the table (or the amusement park in Kong’s case, as another scene in the trailer suggests). Perhaps the most exciting new footage, however, is a quick shot of Kong and Godzilla trying to beat each other up under the ocean. The sea is Godzilla’s territory, obviously, but Kong manages to get a good kick in the King of the Monsters’ face before heading back to the surface.

“There can’t be two alpha titans,” Rebecca Hall's Ilene Andrews (presumably) says as the trailer ends. But there CAN be a lot of fighting between two alpha titans, and we can all watch slack-jawed as they battle each other in epic, unforgettable ways in just a few short days.

Godzilla vs. Kong stars Skarsgård, Hall, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Brian Tyree Henry, and Demian Bichir. The blockbuster will premiere March 31 in theaters as well as on HBO Max.