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Epic 'Halo Infinite' campaign trailer pits Master Chief against a new AI enemy

Every Spartan deserves a sci-fi story that knows how to come full circle.

By Benjamin Bullard
Halo Infinite

Before it ever became known for its epic multiplayer battles, the Halo franchise started out with a story. Halo: Combat Evolved gave Microsoft a system-seller on the original Xbox with its groundbreaking sci-fi tale of saving the universe from an alien Flood, and it introduced now-iconic figures like Cortana and Master Chief — characters that’ve more than proven their long-term staying power.

Welp, the new campaign mode trailer for the upcoming Halo Infinite has just arrived, and sure enough, both of our sci-fi heroes are right back in the middle of the action once more… even if a few things have changed (and at least one piano got totally demolished) since we last got a good look at them.

With Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta now well underway, Microsoft and developer 343 Industries have unveiled the all-new story trailer for the single-player experience with only days to go before the full game’s long-awaited launch. Clocking in at more than 2 minutes, it’s a slick and shiny far cry from the extended trailer that underwhelmed some fans back in July of 2020 (and gifted the internet with a graphically challenged, meme-able Craig the Brute in the process).

That’s all just a lengthy way of saying Master Chief (and his spacey surroundings) have never looked better.

Check it out:

Our favorite Spartan’s short-lived reunion with Cortana gets a rude interruption in the clip, which features a new threat in the form of The Banished, the Covenant faction that serves as Halo Infinite’s alpha-dog antagonist this time around. There’s an AI-driven weapon (literally called “The Weapon,” it seems) that taunts Master Chief in a creepy computerized female voice, along with a generous peek at some of the actual weapons at our hero’s disposal in the game’s single-player campaign.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer already has given the game an early boost with both critics and players since appearing in beta on Nov. 15. Coupled with the graphically crisp new footage from the campaign trailer, it all suggests that the long delay, which pushed Infinite a year beyond its originally-planned release as an Xbox Series X launch title, has been worth it…at least when it comes to head-turning good looks.

As for the finished game itself, fans don’t have much longer to wait to be the arbiters (pun intended) of their own single-player judgement. After what feels like an infinite wait indeed, all that patience is about to pay off: Halo Infinite arrives in its final form for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on Dec. 8.