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SYFY WIRE Harley Quinn

'Harley Quinn' Official Season 3 trailer teases a terraformed Gotham and Joker running for mayor

Harley & Ivy hatch a girl-powered green scheme that’s totally on brand for the Suicide Squad.

By Benjamin Bullard
Harley Quinn S3 Yt

It’s only been a couple of weeks since HBO Max teased a pretty Owl-rageous connection to some classic DC comics tropes for its upcoming third season of Harley Quinn. But the raunchy, raucous animated series is rolling out the really good stuff in today's official trailer, a longer clip hailing this month’s arrival of more Gotham misadventures for our sass-mouthed anti-hero. This time out, Harley and Poison Ivy are bringing the action back to the city — and Harley sounds more than ready to let her expletive-laced love language finally find its voice.

Teasing a full flowering for the budding romance between Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), Season 3 seems set to blossom in other ways as well — particularly now that Ivy’s hatched a goofy green scheme to terraform all of Gotham City and reclaim “every inch from humans.” If that sounds like like a dumb idea, well, rest assured that it is: Frank the Plant (J.B. Smoove) leaves little doubt that Ivy’s destined to dig in way over her head.

Check it out…with the usual NSFW warning that goes with any Harley Quinn trailer:

Wait — is that Harley, seemingly discovering a softer side…a side that actually cares? Even if she’s still showing enemies no mercy, something’s definitely a little diminished in her typically all-out aggression — or, as Clayface (Alan Tudyk) helpfully explains to King Shark (Ron Funches), Harley's “going through what is known as ‘some s***.’”

Crazier things have happened, sure, but squadding up with a kinder, gentler Harley still doesn’t compare to what Joker (Tudyk again) seems to have in store this season: trading in his villainous reputation (“That’s the old me!”) for political glad-handing as a crackpot candidate to become Gotham’s next mayor.

Between all the girlfriend drama, Ivy’s green-thumb delusions, and Joker’s political play at going legit, Season 3 also looks set to throw plenty of DC heroes and backstories into the mix. On top of a hugely hedonistic hangout with shady Gotham gangsters The Court of Owls, new character and story threads tease an awkward alliance between Harley and Nightwing (Harvey Guillen); Batman (Diedrich Bader) trying to back away from Bruce Wayne's serious side; and even a chair-rattling cameo from The Suicide Squad director James Gunn.

Wherever they’re ultimately heading, Harley’s all-new adventures are perched precariously on the cusp of one hell of a return ride through Gotham. Dial up the trash talk and get ready to hurt so good when Season 3 of Harley Quinn lets DC’s funny freak flag fly starting July 28 at HBO Max.

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