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Netflix's first 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' trailer reveals a kid-friendly reboot of Eternia

By Josh Weiss
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Still

Where Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation sought to please fans of the old school He-Man cartoon from the 1980s with a clever new chapter to the saga, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe seems aimed at a brand-new generation that will one day declare: "I HAVE THE POWER!"

And when that day comes, there's certain to be a lot of proud parents with tears in their eyes. 

The CG-animated series — hailing from Mattel Television — comes to Netflix next month with another epic battle between Adam/He-Man (Yuri Lowenthal) and Skeletor (Ben Diskin, who also voices Adam's Claudius-like uncle, Prince Keldor).

Dark armies are on the march, determined to conquer the kingdoms of Eternia (the first planet in creation) and the ultimate prize that is Castle Grayskull. "It’s up to He-Man and his brave squad of rookie heroes to stop Skeletor and restore the peace," reads the official synopsis provided by Netflix. "Both sides come armed with enchanted Power Weapons — transforming them into Masters of the Primal Powers of the Universe." While the He-Man franchise was always rooted in a fantasy world reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian, this new project looks like it encroaches on a bit of sci-fi territory.

Watch the trailer now:

David Kaye (Cringer/Battle Cat), Grey Griffin (Evelyn/Evil-Lyn), Antony Del Rio (Duncan/Man-at-Arms), Kimberly Brooks (Teela/Eldress/Sorceress), Trevor Devall (R'Qazz/Beast Man), Judy Alice Lee (Krass/Ram Ma'am), Roger Craig Smith (Kronis/Trap-Jaw/General Dolos), Fred Tatasciore (King Randor/Baddrah), Tom Kenny (Ork-0/RK Units), Max Mitchell (Kitty), and Max Stubington (Young Adam) co-star.

Revelation alum Rob David developed the show for television and serves as an executive producer alongside Frederic Soulie (Masters of the Universe: Revelation), Adam Bonnett (Masters of the Universe: Revelation), and Christopher Keenan (Masters of the Universe: Revelation). Jeff Matsuda (The Batman, TMNT) and Susan Corbin (Masters of the Universe: Revelation) are co-executive producer and producer, respectively. Heath Corson, Amanda Deibert, Keely MacDonald, Peter Binswanger, Lila Scott, Matt Drdek, Julie Benson, and Shawna Benson comprise the writing team. Bryan Q Miller (Arrow, Smallville) is story editor.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Key Art

Masters of the Universe is one of the most iconic global franchises of all time, with a 30-year history and a passionate fan base," Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President of Content Distribution and Business Development at Mattel, said in a statement when the project was first announced back in December 2019. "The entire team at Mattel is excited to introduce the world of He-Man to a new generation and, together with the talented team at Netflix, to reimagine the classic characters in a way that appeals to kids and families today, while also resonating with the fans who grew up with them."

Animated by House of Cool (Trollhunters) and CGCG (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe premieres on Netflix Thursday, Sep. 16. Check out a number of production stills in the gallery below...