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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds feud draws blood

By Jacob Oller
Hugh Jackman in Logan

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been sniping at each other seemingly since time immemorial. This is perhaps the first time their friendly feud has ever drawn blood. Or even ever had blood involved, for that matter.

Whether the actors are cross-promoting each other’s investments, publicly shaming each other, or crashing videos, Reynolds’ quest for Jackman’s Wolverine to join Reynolds’ Deadpool in a film has been going on for a long while — long before both superheroes had their film rights owned by Disney’s Marvel. But even with the MCU likely recasting the beclawed mutant, Jackman still works with the character on stage. And that means that in some form, the feud can continue. That’s what happened when Jackman suffered a small injury during a performance of his one-man show The Man. The Music. The Show.

Take a look:

A minor scratch, possibly given by a too-close brush with some percussion — if emojis are truly to be believed — but enough to reignite a feud and reignite fan passions for Jackson’s portrayal of the character. The actor’s stage performance involves going through his entire career, singing songs and telling stories about such things as his casting as Wolverine. So fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for anything but more inter-star sparring.

That’s because, of course, Jackman tagged Reynolds in the post, saying that clearly it was somehow his fault. Reynolds replied in the comments, “I just don’t think you’ve been practicing enough.” And thus the feud continues. At least nobody brought up the Sexiest Man Alive competition this time around.

Reynolds’ Deadpool, along with the Fantastic Four and other X-Men, is heading to the MCU, while Jackman’s iteration of Wolverine had his acclaimed swan song with Logan. Who do you think will fill his burly, enraged shoes? And will they have a similarly close relationship with the Merc With a Mouth?