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Inside Outlander 5.3: Sam and Caitriona discuss those creepy Beardsleys in 'Free Will'

By Tara Bennett

It's not easy being a laird.

In this week's new Outlander episode, "Free Will," Jamie Fraser's barely gotten back home to Fraser's Ridge, and Claire, before he realizes that he's got to head out again. Hoping to head off a war with the Regulators (and his godfather, Murtagh), Jamie recognizes that he's got to gather a robust number of able-bodied men from his land for a militia. So, it's back in the saddle again, but this time he's bringing Claire and Roger with him.

In this week's exclusive SYFY WIRE #InsideOutlander episode breakdown for "Free Will," Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (Claire and Jamie Fraser) and Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin (Brianna and Roger) are back with us to talk about one of the most unusual episodes ever of Outlander.

****SPOILERS for Outlander Season 5, Episode 3: "Free Will"****

For book readers, the Beardsleys storyline is right from Diana Gabaldon's narrative. But just how the show would choose to portray has remained a mystery until now. Once Jamie and Claire hit the creepy cabin, the episode goes full horror story/mystery as Mr. Beardsley's wife, Fanny, slowly reveals the secrets she and her husband have been keeping from the world, and each other.

Outlander Season 5 Free Will

Equal parts chilling and heartbreaking, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan talk about how even they were unsure how this tale of woe would unfold. But once they read the script, they were intrigued and impressed by how director, Jamie Payne, played out the heightened drama of doomed Beardsleys.

On the much lighter and romantic side of the episode, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin's characters must part in this episode, as Roger helps conscript soldiers for the Fraser militia. But they get to do so with a heartfelt kiss, and overall, with a far more solid foundation than they did in Season 4. The duo are quite charming as they tell us what makes them stronger in Season 5, and how their strengths help define them going forward.

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