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SYFY WIRE The Walking Dead

Is Negan ready to be a Whisperer in The Walking Dead?

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Negan is picked up by the Whisperers, and he annoys the hell out of Beta because, as we all know, Negan loves to talk. He offers to spill his guts to Alpha. Beta just moves his blindfold to his mouth. Beta warns Alpha that Negan needs to be "disposed" of, but Alpha insists he be "tested." Beta disagrees, but Alpha pulls rank.


In a montage, we see Beta take Negan out to the forest to dig a huge hole, teach him how to skin zombies, kill a pig, and roast it. Beta still does not accept Negan, and eventually leaves Negan with a bloody zombie. He makes some noise to draw zombies in, and leaves Negan, alone, with no weapon, assuming he will be eaten.

Beta goes back to Alpha and tells her that Negan was weak. But suddenly Negan appears out of the woods, covered in blood, a bloody tree branch over his shoulder. He demands a skin suit. He has proven himself, and wants his mask.


Daryl invites himself to go with Carol to "look for Negan." When she finds a spot, she finally admits that she is looking for Alpha's horde, hoping it would lead them back to Alpha - or at least stop the hordes from "bombing" their community. Eventually they see a handful of walkers creep out, and Daryl recognizes at least one Whisperer among them. After some argument, Daryl finally agrees to cross the border. "A plan this stupid, it may as well just be us." They split up, and when they come back together, Carol has captured a whisperer, bound him, and wants to take him back to see what he knows.

Also: Eugene is lonely so he sends out a random message over the radio. He finds a lovely woman to speak with. He is ready to trust her; she isn't ready to trust him yet, but she does want to. They agree to speak again. And Siddiq is still stuck in PTSD hell, with no answer as to where it started.


Negan sucks

It is cute to see how unskilled Negan is next to Beta. It really goes far to demonstrate how inept Negan is. He isn't a survivor; he is a boss. He can make people work for him by using fear, but he doesn't have any actual skills. The best Negan can do is try to attack Beta's manhood. It doesn't work.

Connie and Daryl

This is something that has been hinted at the last few episodes, but it feels weird. Like, "who can we hook Daryl up with?" Connie was the only straight, single woman available, I guess. It just felt like it came out of nowhere. Is it because he learned sign language to communicate with her? I didn't see it as an "I have a crush on you" action; he was just being polite.  I'm not a Caryl shipper, but they keep teasing it out to the point where I'm like, "just hook up already!"