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SYFY WIRE Merry Month of Bae

Jason Mendoza, our forever (and then some) bae

By Courtney Enlow

The Good Place was a show downright resplendent with thirst-worthy heroes. From total snack Eleanor to silver fox Michael to secretly jacked Chidi to utterly perfect cartoon giraffe Tahani to not-a-girl-but-def-a-babe Janet, we were given four seasons of humor, heart, and hotness. But one bae rose to the top like sweet, dumb cream: Jason "More Like Bae-son" Mendoza.


What exactly made this character so particularly deserving of our love and affection? The reasons are myriad. Like a molotov cocktail of warmth, sweetness, acceptance, and jawline, Jason (and Manny Jacinto) exploded into our lives and lit a pants fire. BORTLES, indeed.

First, let's start with the shallow bit: our boy's handsome af. I mean, look at Manny damn Jacinto. He could slice cheese with his jaw. His eyes cut through to your very soul. His lips are the good place as far as I'm concerned.


Also? The guy can DANCE. While Jason was a member of a 60-person dance crew, Dance Dance Resolution, Jacinto performed with significantly smaller but way better and less Floridian crews himself. And that's...great. For one's thirst. The rules of dancers-being-good-at-other-things-wink-wink are simple and finite, any Cosmo girl would know. 

But Jason's true magic lies not in his face, his hair, or those arms, those very very good arms, but in his spirit. He is a gentle bae.  Jason is not a smart man. He's like a fanboat came to life doused in Axe Body Spray. But. He is kind, he is loving, and he is nothing if not enthusiastic in all things. It's that enthusiasm that really pushes him to the limit. Yes, often said enthusiasm is for the worst ideas possible.


But it extends to his friends and his desire to help. He's generally bad at helping but he tries. It's the thought that counts, people. And he sees the good in things, like Tahani, and Eleanor, and Michael, and cactuses. He celebrates the people in his life. But the best of his love goes toward one very special not-a-person


Jason and Janet's love story was truly one for the bearamies. He didn't merely not care that she was neither a girl nor person nor robot, but he loved it about her. They once devoted an entire episode to figuring out how to have sex. Your fave could never!


And like any genuinely good partner, he cares deeply that Janet enjoys...whatever it is they've been doing.  


But it was the finale especially that solidified Jason and Janet as eternal (practically) OTP and Jason as Rory Williams-level loyal to his not-a-lady love. Jason waits many a bearimy for the chance just to say goodbye to Janet one more time. He sits alone in a forest, just thinking for year after year and jeremy after bearimy for his Janet to return. And then with a kiss and a parting gift, he's ready to dissolve into the universe, his final need completed. Sniffle.

Jason is essentially the goldendoodle of people. He's goofy, and strange, a general disaster, but he's also a bottomless pit of love and acceptance. We are lucky to have had this sweet bb for all the bearimies.