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LEGO cranks it up to Eleven with bricktastic Stranger Things set

By Alexis L. Loinaz
LEGO Stranger Things

C’mon LEGO, let’s go for some Eggo!

LEGO is getting ready to turn things upside down by unleashing a scream-worthy Stranger Things set, and what an eye-catching set it is.

In images released by the company today, the intricately designed tie-in — perfectly timed to hype the arrival of the hit Netflix series’ third season this summer — showcases a slew of details that fans will immediately recognize from the show.

You’ve got the entire minifig-urized cast — from Eleven (indeed, she's holding an Eggo waffle) to Mike and the gang, plus Joyce and Sheriff Hopper. And yep, that’s a Demogorgon minifig lurking there, too. (Friendly reminder to Dustin: If you see a teeny-tiny baby LEGO Demogorgon, don’t adopt the sucker. They’re not nice!)

LEGO Stranger Things

LEGO Stranger Things

It’s all in the service of the set’s big centerpiece: a LEGO version of Joyce’s house. In a snazzy twist, though, the house is actually double-sided as a mirror image of itself, representing the show’s dueling realities — the real world and the terrifying Upside Down. You can flip the set, depending on how much time you actually want to spend in the Upside Down before you realize your LEGO Joyce minifig is losing her marbles again.

LEGO Stranger Things

LEGO Stranger Things

Speaking of Joyce: The set also includes her meme-worthy alphabet wall of holiday lights. We’re pretty sure we’re seeing the letters “Y-O-U … W-A-N-T … T-H-I-S” lighting up, yeah?

LEGO Stranger Things

The 2,287-piece set will be available starting June 1 (or May 15 for LEGO VIP members) for $199 — perfect to put together when you’re taking quick breaks from your Stranger Things binge.

Season 3 arrives on July 4 on Netflix. We’re busting out our Mötley Crüe mixtape already.