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‘M3GAN’ starts to go off the rails after demo day in extended clip from unrated cut on Peacock

No matter which ‘M3GAN’ flavor you stream, someone’s definitely gonna die.

M3GAN (2023)

Swear words and gore galore: Like a match made in horror hell, they’re the hallowed hallmarks of some of our favorite R-rated fright flicks. But when M3GAN powered up at the box office this year, director Gerard Johnstone and screenwriter Aklea Cooper already had worked their admirably discreet magic to tastefully pare back the worst of the blood and blasphemy — all to assure the sassy synth slasher would score broader appeal with a PG-13 rating.

Now that M3GAN has landed at Peacock, though, Universal Pictures is giving fans options when it comes to dialing up the rough stuff. Viewers can still choose the original PG-13 version of the film that played in theaters — and trust us, it’s a total android riot with no extra spice required. But to get the full effect of all the well-placed F-bombs that the original left out (as well as M3GAN herself violently presiding over a gnarlier, ickier string of kills), the Peacock-exclusive unrated version is there to fill the gap.

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Check out this extended preview of the movie’s big demo-day scene, which finds aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) talking up her game-changing A.I. creation to her computer-nerd colleagues as niece Cady (Violet McGraw) shares a key bonding moment with her new best friend.

If you’ve seen M3GAN, you already know how pivotal the above scene is for establishing the lifelike lil' A.I. antihero (voiced by Jenna Davis and played onscreen by Amie Donald) as far more than just a high-priced technological toy. Gemma and her profit-minded tech team might only see dollar signs in their pint-sized creation’s eyes, but the realistic robot herself is deadly serious about carrying out her boot-up mission as Cady’s sworn protector…even if it means stabbing a human threat or two, while finding time to (literally) throw one of Cady's playmates under the bus.

Some of the scenes in the unrated version are taken straight from M3GAN’s original film shoots — back before Johnstone reconvened the cast for a series of slightly tamer reshoots that helped secure the film’s final PG-13 rating. But no matter which flavor you prefer, you’re definitely getting the good stuff: As Johnstone confessed after the PG-13 version was done, it’s all the more effective for having to thread a finer needle.

As the receipts show, M3GAN’s theatrical PG-13 rating proved a solid move on Universal’s part: Cady’s tenacious A.I. protector was a total smash with both critics and fans, carving out more than $171 million worldwide against a reported production budget of less than one-tenth that amount. Better still, it paved the way for more M3GAN to come: A sequel, M3GAN 2.0, already is in the works, returning both Williams and McGraw with Johnstone again set to direct.

Whichever version you pick, Peacock’s definitely the place to watch M3GAN your way: Both the PG-13 version and the new unrated edition are available for streaming anytime at the bird app.