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SYFY WIRE Knightfall

Mark Hamill is a different kind of knight in new Knightfall teaser

By Brian Silliman

The epic drama Knightfall is about to come back with a force. The second season of the show, appearing on HISTORY (formerly The History Channel), will continue the saga of the Knights Templar, and of its lead character, Landry (Tom Cullen). He won't be alone — Mark Hamill himself is joining him for Season 2 (not astrally projecting himself, he's actually appearing), and today we have a first look (and listen) at Hamill in action.

The Star Wars legend will play Talus on the show, described by HISTORY as "a battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for ten years in the Holy Land." Talus is now being given the task of training new members of the order, and as the teaser illustrates, he's about to have a moral battle royale with Landry.

While it's hard to get the image of Luke Skywalker out of our heads completely, Hamill is nowhere close to a one-trick farmboy. While we can definitely hear shades of Old Man Luke (from Star Wars: The Last Jedi) and even a little of his legendary voice for the Joker (in Batman: The Animated Series), this character looks more than interesting enough for us to go knee-deep in Templar politics. What do you get with a little Luke, a pinch of Joker, and several heaping spoonfuls of classic Hamill originality? Something fantastic, perhaps.

The show explores the politics and intrigue of the Knights Templar, all from their own perspective. According to HISTORY, they were the "most powerful, wealthy, and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages." They also make a lot of Game of Thrones characters look cute.

Is it a coincidence that Hamill has found himself playing another mysterious knight, and in a show called Knightfall, no less? As the Joker, did he not consistently try to bring about some manner of a ... dark knight fall? We'll show ourselves out ...

Knightfall Season 2 does not have a premiere date yet, but if you want to catch up before Hamill bursts onto the scene, Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.