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Crypt TV's 'Mira Mira' asks 'Who is the evilest of them all?' with first-look images

By Josh Weiss
Mira Mira

Next time you look in the mirror, don't be surprised if your reflection looks back at you, smiles wickedly, and then traps you in a flip-side dimension before taking your place in the real world and hunting down your loved ones. Sorry, we're just a bit paranoid about glancing at reflective surfaces after watching the teaser trailer for Mira Mira, the latest horror series to come from Crypt TV and Facebook Watch.

With the initial footage now online, SYFY WIRE is debuting eight, never-before-seen images from the Roxy Shih-directed project. Known for movies like 2018's Painkillers, Shih worked off scripts by Danielle McKechnie.

"Through Mira Mira, we're showing a story about resilience in the midst of tragedy, even while facing off against evil," Jasmine Johnson, SVP of Development at Crypt TV/co-executive producer, said in a statement to SYFY WIRE. "Strong female relationships are on full display, both in front of the camera and in dynamic behind-the-scenes work, led by our director, Roxy Shih, and writer, Danielle McKechnie."

First announced earlier this week, the show — based on Ivan Sunguroff's 2018 short film of the same name — tells the story of an evil mirror that threatens to tear a grieving family apart. Madeleine Coghlan (Lucifer) and Catherine Davis (Trauma Center) lead the cast as estranged sisters, Lizzie and Jo, who find themselves reunited following their father's suicide. When Lizzie stumbles across a sinister mirror, she's trapped within the glass and replaced with an entity that can grotesquely open its face up like the shape-shifting alien in John Carpenter's The Thing. Christinna Chauncey (Star Trek: Voyager) co-stars as the girls' eccentric mother.

Watch the trailer below, which just dropped today:

An evil force waits to take advantage of the deepening divide between two sisters who have split reactions after their...

Posted by Crypt Monsters on Friday, January 8, 2021

Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, and Darren Brandl serve as executive producers on behalf of Crypt TV. Jeremy Elliot is on board as a co-executive producer, while Sunguroff and Drew Bierut (producer of the original short) are co-producing alongside the CAA-backed studio, Wiip.

Mira Mira premieres on Facebook Watch on Jan. 15. New episodes (each one runs about 10 minutes apiece) will drop each Friday.