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Netflix's Geeked Week shows off JCVD's chihuahua, Zack Snyder's zombie tiger & vampires on a plane

By Vanessa Armstrong

Netflix is so chock full of genre content they’ve come up with an entire week-long campaign to get us excited for what’s in store. The event — appropriately titled Geeked Week — kicked off today with a two-hour-long extravaganza highlighting some of the streamer’s most popular shows.

The day kicked off with arguably the biggest news of Geeked Week's first day — the fantasy series Shadow and Bone has been greenlit for a second season. There was plenty of other exciting goodies shared, however, including interviews with the Snyders, Jason Momoa, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, as you can see in the full video below.

We’ve had snakes on planes, so perhaps it was inevitable that we now have vampires on a plane. That’s the premise of Netflix’s Blood Red Sky, where a woman with “a mysterious illness” (read: vampiric tendencies) is forced to fang it up when terrorists take over the plane she and her son are on.

Intrigued? The German film, which premieres July 23 on the streamer, is discussed around the 9:30 mark of the video above, or you can check out the new teaser below:

Zack and Deborah Snyder also sat down for a virtual interview to talk about the recently released zombie/alien/time travel(?) movie, Army of the Dead, which is projected to be one of Netflix’s most popular films ever through its first four weeks. The interview starts around the 18:30 mark of the full video, and touches on the zombie universe the Snyders have created.

In addition to sharing that the zombie tiger in the film was based on Tiger King’s Carole Baskin, the couple confirmed that the gang in Army of the Dead are in a time loop; that the prequel movie, Army of Thieves, is set to come out this Fall; and that there are some clues about the blue-blooded zombies hidden throughout the film.

The event went on to highlight a Snyder School clip on the Netflix Film Club YouTube channel, where Snyder goes into his process for creating a cinematic universe.

And because the Snyderverse is vast, we also learned about the Netflix Dreams episode, Army of the Dead: The Vader Cut, where director King Vader gives his parallel take on the popular Snyder film. You can check out the episode here:

Monday’s Geeked Week also took us behind-the scenes (at the 35-minute mark) for Vikings: Vahalla, an 8-episode series chronicling the adventures of well-known Vikings, which is currently in production in Ireland.

And if teasers and behind-the-scenes footage wasn’t enough, there were also the interviews. Jean-Claude Van Damme is coming out with a new thriller called The Last Mercenary (dropping July 30), and you can catch an interview of him, along with his favorite chihuahua about an hour into the main video. And you can also catch Jason Momoa promoting his upcoming thriller Sweet Girl around an hour and a half in. 

It seems like there’s pretty much something for everyone, though some of the biggest Netflix titles — The Umbrella Academy, Cobra Kai, and The Witcher, to name three — have yet to have their promotional day in the sun. There are still four days remaining in Geeked Week, however, so we'll likely hear more about them soon.

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