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NYCC 2019: Outlander Season 5 trailer breakdown


After the Season 4 finale of Outlander, fans had so much to look forward to, and that only intensified when the much-anticipated trailer for Season 5 traveled through time to appear at NYCC. SYFY WIRE's Jordan Carlos, Jackie Jennings, and Caitlin Busch break it down for anyone who doesn't have a time machine to go back.

If you did have a time machine, you would have wanted to be there for the proposal. Someone actually proposed at the panel and even called his fiancée "Sassenach."

Since the show has now moved to America, do we like it better than when it was set in Scotland? For anyone who grew up in the U.S. and thumbed through their textbook on American colonial history way too many times throughout high school, that’s probably an easy answer. Scotland is just not as familiar to us — which is why we’re more fascinated with it. Wonder what an actual Scot would say to that.

There were also some horrible things going on in colonial America. It was a place where slavery was legal and vigilantism wasn't entirely against the law.

Outlander might also have the answer to the ultimate face cream or something, because the characters don't age. Ever. Not that anybody minds an eternal Jamie, but is this an effect of traveling back in time? All right, so Claire gets one gray. That doesn't mean anything. Some people get grays before they even graduate college.

Something we'd really love to see is a change in plans. Up until now, it's always been someone getting caught and rescued over and over again. Nobody knows if this is going to keep up in the colonies. At least anyone who hasn't finished the book series yet doesn't have to panic, because there were no book spoilers in the trailer.

Want to know more of what we think of Outlander Season 5? Watch on!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.