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NYCC 2019: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power drop teaser, release date and Double Trouble

By Brian Silliman
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Double Trouble)

For the honor of Greyskull, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power took New York Comic Con 2019 by storm today! A room utterly packed with fans went wild as the popular DreamWorks series (based on the classic animated show) gave them a panel discussion, a teaser, a poster, a release date ... and even a special screening of the first episode of Season 4. SYFY WIRE was there too see what Adora, Catra, and all of the rest are up to.

Series creator Noelle Stevenson was in attendance, as were cast members A.J. Michalka (Catra), Aimee Carrero (Adora), Karen Fukuhara (Glimmer), and Lauren Ash (Scorpia). They began by giving fans a sneak peek of the Season 4 premiere, titled "Coronation."

We're not going to go into spoilers, but we will say that the fallout from the events of Season 3 are very much still being felt. Glimmer is not handling the death of Angella very well, the party planning for her coronation is utter madness, and Catra? Catra makes some moves. That's all we're going to say.

The good news, though, is that you don't have to wait long to watch it for yourself. It was revealed that Season 4 will be 13 episodes long and debut Nov. 5, 2019, on Netflix. 

There may be a character on the dark side of that poster that looks familiar to you, and that's for a good reason — Double Trouble, a classic toy from the She-ra line, is making their way(s) onto the new series. Stevenson said, "Very soon you’ll be getting more details about Double Trouble ... you’re going to love them.”

Stevenson also said that this new season is going to find everyone in new situations. “They’re starting to grow, they’re starting to change," she said, remarking on what price some of the characters will have to pay for some of their new powers.

Fukuhara noted that Glimmer is in a dark place this season: "She doesn’t really have time to grieve. She has to become queen and step up to the plate. It was kind of a hard season to record … this season was a lot of sadness and butting heads … harder season, but definitely fulfilling.

“All of Glimmer’s life, she’s dealt with her mom identifying her as a little kid," Fukuhara continued. "The one person she wants validation from is her mother, and now she’s passed away, she has to do it on her own. ... She has a little bit of a struggle with people babying her."

This is going to be an issue for Carrero's Adora, who said, “You’ll definitely see Adora struggling to give Glimmer that space … she kind of treats her like a teen a little bit, and on top of that she promised Angella that she’d protect Glimmer. She really takes that to heart, and overdoes it a little bit.”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power at NYCC

The audience in the room was enthusiastic about all of the characters, but they really seemed to love Catra the most. Is the character past the point of no return now?

“I don’t know if she can be stopped," Michalka said. "In a way she has to validate herself ... it is, at this point, fully about winning." In terms of Catra's ongoing drama with Hordak, Stevenson just said, “Yeah, it’s gonna be a really fun time for them.”

Ash doesn't think that Scorpia is in a particularly fantastic situation over in Horde-land, saying, “She definitely doesn’t feel right about the situation. She goes on a bit of a journey this season. She’s so full of light, it’s about time.” Stevenson revealed that the new season would include "a very special Scorpia episode," which they showed a brief clip of. If you ever wanted to see Scorpia's morning routine, you're in for a hilarious treat. “I think Scorpia’s journey in general is going to be learning how to love and take care of herself," Stevenson said.

“The battle of Etheria has never been more intense," Stevenson went on to say about the new season. "Unlike Angella, Glimmer does not have the same restraint. She lost her mother, and she is not going to lose anyone else. I think that pushes her to certain extremes. The stakes have never been higher.”

The gifts didn't stop flowing, as a new teaser for Season 4 was shown, where you can see Double Trouble (briefly) in action. 

Things are going to be tough in the new season, but Stevenson assured everyone that they'll be okay. No one in the audience believed her. 

Season 4 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is just around the corner, powering up Netflix on Nov 5.

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