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NYCC 2019: Watch the Big Mouth cast let loose about Season 3


Netflix just dropped the third season of the critically-acclaimed, animated series Big Mouth, co-created by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. It navigates the ups and downs of puberty and sexual identity through clever writing, monstrous personifications of hormones and hilarious voice performances by some of the biggest names in comedy. Their Season 2 episode "The Planned Parenthood Show" was recently nominated for an Emmy and their Valentine's Day special in February left fans craving for more. Now, there's 10 new episodes to binge.

Last year, the cast talked to SYFY WIRE about some of their most embarrassing adolescent memories, and at New York Comic-Con 2019, Kroll (who voices multiple characters), Jason Mantzoukas (Jay) and Jessi Klein (Jessi) stopped by to talk about the edgy and innovative series, upcoming character arcs and who is guest-starring in the new season.

"We can get away with being really dirty if we're also sincere and sweet," Kroll said about finding that special formula of pushing the comedic boundaries, while tonally remaining compassionate and empathetic. "And we can also get away with being sincere and sweet, if we're really dirty."

Check out the entire interview below.

Additional info provided by Ernie Estrella.