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Fans react to world premiere screening of SYFY’s ‘Chucky’ at NYCC: Don Mancini ‘has given us something special’

By Benjamin Bullard
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Fans at New York Comic Con have just been let in on the same scary secret that Chucky — kitchen knife in hand, of course — must’ve known all along: If the first reactions to the world premiere New York Comic Con screening of USA/SYFY’s Chucky are anything to go by, then series creator Don Mancini has a horror hit on his hands.

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NYCC guests lucky enough to be in attendance at Friday’s in-house screening of Chucky’s first episode took to social media afterward, sharing some terrifying love for Mancini’s TV revival of the Child’s Play horror he first unleashed on the movie world in 1988. They were also treated to a pair of surprise panel appearances from Jake actor Zackary Arthur and original Andy Barclay actor Alex Vincent, both of whom had been quietly lurking in the audience beforehand.



Overall, the early reactions focus on the premiere episode’s sweet blend of genuine creepiness with the camp horror comedy the Child’s Play film franchise has always been known for: “It’s exactly what you’d expect if you know this franchise, but given a fresh spin with a middle school setting,” wrote Twitter user @AKlay19. “…Fans in particular will get a real kick out of this.”

“Just got out of an advance screening of #Chucky and I loved it!” added @geek_news14 on Twitter, echoing the show’s nod to longtime fans. “Will definitely be tuning into the series. This pilot is great to OG fans as well as new-comers!”


Other early viewers definitely make it sound like Chucky is going no holds barred — especially when it comes to giving epic murder speeches. “Just saw the first episode of Chucky (Syfy and USA) and it is bat s*** and I'll continue watching,” wrote @BryRB1277 on Twitter, while fellow tweeter @NJLaLa celebrated Chucky’s totally in-character swearing: "'We get 10 F-bombs per episode'…I'm glad they didn't censor the Chucky doll for TV.”

Mancini’s 2021 take on the franchise he created also comes with a heart, according to Twitter user @ThatShaun: “Just left the #NYCC screening of #Chucky! This show! WOW! *chef’s kiss*,” they wrote. “@RealDonMancini has given us something special and, if you were bullied for being queer and weird as a youth, something cathartic.”

In short, fans who got addicted from the NYCC premiere were united on a single point nicely summed up by Twitter user @BigGoldBelt: This was just the first episode, which means that Chucky is only getting warmed up: “I can not wait for this series to drop! The premiere is nuts”.

Catch the USA/SYFY series premiere of Chucky on Oct. 12, and get up to speed with all of our Chucky coverage here.