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SYFY WIRE Pacific Rim

'Pacific Rim: The Black' kicks off a Kaiju war in first teaser trailer as Netflix sets March debut

By Josh Weiss
Pacific Rim The Black photo 1

It's time to cancel the apocalypse with the first teaser trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black, a brand-new anime series inspired by the film franchise about giant robots beating the snot out of giant monsters (and vice versa). The show, which will be a Netflix Original, officially stomps online Thursday, March 4. It was first announced in fall 2018.

While the initial round of footage doesn't give away much, it does reveal that more breaches have opened and are spewing forth Kaiju onto Australian shores. The colossal creatures are overrunning the continent and everyone is evacuated, except for two teenage siblings, Taylor and Hayley. Together, they learn to operate a battered, long-abandoned Jaeger (the name given to the skyscraper-sized mechas) in the hopes of finding their missing parents and repelling the monstrous invasion. Most welcomingly, the teaser gives us a variation of Ramin Djawadi's epic — not to mention iconic — theme song used in both live-action movies.

Take a look below:

Craig Kyle (Thor: Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson (Wolverine and the X-MenMiles From Tomorrowland) serve as showrunners for the project, which is a co-production between Netflix and Legendary Entertainment. Netflix's growing library of original anime content also includes the Altered Carbon, Godzilla, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Ghost in the Shell, and Monster-Verse IPs — among others.

Guillermo del Toro directed and co-wrote the first Pacific Rim, which opened in the summer of 2013. Despite being well-received by critics and audiences alike, the feature didn't bring in a ton of money at the box office. Nevertheless, audience demand was so great, that a sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, was made and released in 2018. Directed by Daredevil veteran Steven DeKnight, the follow-up made even less money than its predecessor, making it unlikely that we'll see a third entry in the big screen series.