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WIRE Buzz: Rick and Morty limited edition Pringles; Paul Rudd shrinks down for Tiny World; more

By Josh Weiss
Rick and Morty Pringles ad

That strangely awesome Rick and Morty-themed Pringles commercial from this year's Super Bowl was only the start of Adult Swim's partnership with the addictive potato crisps. Today, the two brands announced a trio of limited edition Pringles canisters inspired by the hit animated series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

R&M acolytes can now get their squanchin' hands on "Pickle Rick" crisps (previously released in February) and two new flavors: "Honey Mustard Morty" and "Look at Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream" (named after Mr. Meeseeks). All three are exclusively available at Wal-Mart.

Rick and Morty Pringles

"After launching the Pickle Rick crisps for the 2020 Big Game, the response from both fanbases was literally out of this world,” Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles said in a statement. “The Pringles brand prides itself on pushing fans to find new, creative ways to unlock endless dimensions of flavor. Paired with the standout hit, Pringles Pickle Rick crisps, these snackable, stackable crunchy treats are an absolute must-have for fans.”

“Through our partnership with Pringles, both brands have had the unique opportunity to bring engaging content to Rick and Morty fans,” added Jill King, senior vice president, marketing and partnerships, Adult Swim. “With the expansion of our partnership, we’re giving two other key characters their moment to shine in Pringles form.”

Before he returns to play Scott Lang in the third Ant-Man movie, Paul Rudd is shrinking down for Tiny World, an adventurous Apple TV+ nature docuseries about the smallest animals that roam our planet.

"In a land of giants, it's the smallest creatures that make the biggest difference," says Rudd in the first trailer that channels Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with the shot of a spider living inside the hole of a LEGO brick. Do you think the inclusion of the Quantum Realm in Avengers: Endgame was just an expensive backdoor pilot for this show?

Check out the trailer below:

"With over 200 species filmed, each episode combines stunning cinematography with dynamic storytelling to show the world through the eyes of the tiniest animals and witness the extraordinary things they do to survive," reads the show's press release. "Nearly a decade of filming in ecosystems around the world — ranging from the African savanna to the backyard garden — reveals never-before-seen moments captured by the latest in groundbreaking video technology."

Written and executive produced by Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet EarthHostile Planet), the project is also produced by Dr. Martha Holmes and Grant Mansfield.

Tiny World Key Art

The first six episodes of Tiny World premiere on Apple TV+ Friday, Oct. 2. The second six episodes will arrive in 2021.

Chatting with Comic Book Resources, actor Robbie Amell offered an update on Season 2 of Amazon's sci-fi dramedy series Upload. He revealed that production is expected to kick off this coming January in Vancouver.  

"I know that [creator] Greg [Daniels] and the writers' room are very deep into the second season," he said. "We went in to meet with the writers right before the pandemic; luckily, we got to meet some of the new writers this season. It's just exciting, I feel like Greg has created such a rich world with so much to explore."

Upload 2

Amell went on to say that the show's second outing will dig deeper into supporting characters like Aleesha (Zainab Johnson), Luke (Kevin Bigley), and Ingrid Kannerman (Allegra Edwards).

"I know we're in good hands and, again, you never know how a show is going to be received and me and the cast are so grateful and excited for all the fans," Amell said. "We've had so much fun sharing the show with them and I still get people finding the show today. We're really excited about Season 2, not just to shoot it but to see it brought to life."

Speaking with SYFY WIRE in the spring, Daniels said: "Without giving away what the stories are for Season 2, the issue of surveillance and counter surveillance measures, like the protesters in Hong Kong were using, is something I've been doing a lot of research in."