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Reptilian Sea Devils inherit the Earth in Titan's new Doctor Who Comics #1

By Jeff Spry
who hero 1

Some of the most enticing elements of the Doctor Who franchise are its occasional Time Lord team-ups in TV specials, tie-in books, comics, video games, and graphic novels. 

Whovians all have their personal favorite pairings over the years and London-based Titan Comics is keen on capitalizing on these multi-Doctor missions with a new ongoing series starring David Tennant's Tenth Doctor and Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive peek inside the premiere issue just in time for Doctor Who's 57th birthday this month!

Shooting out of the time-stream starting Nov. 18, Doctor Who Comics #1 is written by Eisner Award-nominated writer Jody Houser (Doctor Who, Faith, Star Trek: Year Five) and adorned with interior art from Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade, Robyn Hood), with a cartoon-style main cover by Peach Momoko.

who 1

The plotline unspools with the return of a classic '70s-era Doctor Who TV villain, the Sea Devils, in their comic book debut. 

In the aftermath of a perilous escape from the Weeping Angels and the Autons in swingin' 1960s London, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor must unite once again to save present-day Earth from being enslaved and ruined by the creepy aquatic villains. When the chips are down, they must try to unravel the time paradox and turn to the leader of the human resistance, Rose Tyler.

The Sea Devils, those nefarious underwater reptiles summoned by The Master, first appeared during Doctor Who's ninth season in 1972 for a six-part story arc starring the Third Doctor, played by actor Jon Pertwee.

"It's been an absolute pleasure working on Doctor Who comics, not only because it's my fanboy dream come true, but also because I get to work with such amazing talent!," series editor Jake Devine tells SYFY WIRE. "Jody's scripts and Roberta and Enrica's art just keep getting better and better, and it's amazing to see people respond to that. This bold new series will give us a wider range of Doctors and stories which I hope will continue to enthrall readers and keep them coming back for more! Geronimo!"

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Salute Doctor Who's big November birthday and enjoy our exclusive seven-page preview of Titan's Doctor Who Comics #1 (Nov. 18) in the full gallery below.