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Second trailer for musical UglyDolls movie feels like a mix of Trolls, Toy Story, and Inside Out

By Josh Weiss
UglyDolls main trailer

STX Entertainment has unveiled the second trailer for its animated UglyDolls movie via The Ellen Show, and the message of what looks to be a Trolls redo is actually very resonant for us all: Don't shy away from what makes you different; embrace it.

The new trailer also explains where the singing UglyDolls come from — they're factory rejects compared to the "normal" dolls of our world, and are left discarded in a town all their own. They're all pretty much happy until a renegade by the name of Moxy (voiced by Kelly Clarkson) wants to explore the wider world and find the kid who will love her. Along with her friends, Moxy will travel to the Institute of Perfection, which pairs dolls with humans.

That's where the Toy Story and Inside Out elements comes into play.

Let your freak flag fly with the trailer below:

Sure, one could dwell on the fact that this looks like a retread of what's come before, meant to capitalize on the popularity of animated films based on popular toy brands.

Or one could talk about the fact that the original music for the movie sounds really good and that the jokes (like that "Gibberish Cat" zinger at the very end) are genuinely funny. As an added bonus, the aforementioned moral of the story is very positive and uplifting for young audiences, who are the core demographic anyway.

In addition to Clarkson, the film is packed with major singing talents like Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, Pitbull, Janelle Monae, Emma Roberts, Wang Leehom, Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, and Lizzo. Wanda Sykes and Gabriel Iglesias also lend their vocal talents.

Here's the new poster:

UglyDolls character poster

"My whole dream was to be in an animated film — every singer['s dream], right? But I did think I'd play a princess, so it's pretty funny that mine is UglyDolls," Clarkson told DeGeneres.

Directed by Kelly Asbury (Shrek 2), UglyDolls hits theaters everywhere May 3. Check out a deluge of new character posters in the gallery below!