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Servant: 'Nothing is too far' in gothic S2 teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan Apple series

By Josh Weiss
Servant Season 2

Apple TV+ welcomes us back to the eerie Turner household in the first teaser trailer for Season 2 of Servant. Executive produced by twist master M. Night Shyamalan, the psychological horror series (created by Tony Basgallop) will return in early 2021. There are definitely some gothic vibrations going on in the initial footage, which finds Philadelphia couple Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean (Toby Kebbell) pondering what happened to their infant son.

"This family is divided," remarks Dorothy, while Sean admits, "I don't know what I believe." Their faith, marriage, and grip on reality are all coming apart at the seams as more is revealed about their strange nanny, Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free).

Leanne left the Turners' employ at the end of last season, thus returning the therapy doll back to its inanimate state. Was Jericho actually magically brought back to life? Was it a lookalike swapped in? Or was it just an illusion caused by Leanne's association with a shady cult? Whatever the answer may be, Dorothy did finally come to terms with the horrible truth: her son died as a result of being left in a hot car for too long. Harry Potter alumnus Rupert Grint rounds out the core cast as Dorothy's suspicious brother, Julian Pearce.

Watch the trailer now:

We also have some first look production stills from the new season's first and third episodes. Despite the fact that their lives have been thrown into utter turmoil, it's good to see that Sean and Julian are enjoying their favorite past-time: drinking quality wine together.

"It was as a parent going through those stages of hiring a nanny, and wondering what it feels like and what it means to invite someone into your home and do you trust them, and how do they observe you?" Basgallop told SYFY WIRE about the show's origins last year. "Do they judge you for the way you live your life? All these kinds of British sensibilities that I have, wiring back what other people think of me. It's like Mary Poppins, but it's the dark side of Mary Poppins. It's the reverse. It's, well, what if she's not here to help? What if she's here to do harm?"

Servant Season 2
Servant Season 2
Servant Season 2

After a lengthy production shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Servant returned to Philly in late October to finish shooting its second season. As SYFY WIRE reported at the time, an entire city block was transformed into a mesmerizing winter wonderland, complete with fake snow and Christmas decorations.

Season 2 arrives on Apple TV+ January 15, 2021.