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SYFY WIRE Sonic the Hedgehog

Man behind Sonic redesign breaks silence as Twitter praises speedy overhaul

By Josh Weiss
Sonic the Hedgehog

Tyson Hesse, director of Sonic Mania Adventures, spearheaded the major character redesign for Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog film that blends real actors with a CGI character. Now that fans have been able to see the result in yesterday's new trailer, Hesse can finally talk about his work in making Sega's famous speedster look more like he does in the video games.

"Honored to have been brought in to lead the design on the new Movie Sonic," Hesse wrote on Twitter. "Working with [director] Jeff [Fowler] and the modelers, riggers, texture/fur artists and animators in LA, London, and Vancouver was a thrill I'll never forget. #SonicMovie"

As bad as the backlash was over the initial design of Sonic (the big-screen version is voiced by Ben Schwartz), fans are extremely happy and relieved with the fresh redesign, which delayed the release by a few months. Instead of opening this month as was originally planned, Sonic the Hedgehog will hit theaters on February 14, 2020. Overall, fans can't get over the fact that the redesign fixes one of the original design's biggest flaws: the titular hero's haunting human teeth.

While we'll have to wait a little longer to see the project, we've got plenty of great Twitter reactions to sift through in the meantime ...

James Marsden (Westworld) co-stars in the film as Sheriff Tom Wachowski, a human dude who teams up with Sonic (confirmed in the latest trailer to be an alien from another planet) to prevent the nefarious Doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey) from harnessing the hedgehog's otherworldly power and taking over the world.